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Everyone has at least one crazy friend. Me? I'm the crazy one.
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I'm so ashamed. I don't remember who Thomas is. *goes to reread all the things*
I feel like Hydra makes an important and compelling point here.
I haz them. *sniffles*
Anna your Hyde is showing. HOnestly these moments where she goes all cold are great for her standing up to Susan...and also terrifying.
That's definitely Kinesis and Dynamis right there, not Stan and Alice. And poor Will has been relegated to simply Computer in this exchange. =/
Thank you Guest
Oh right that. Yes.
Wait, what fake falling out? I think I need to reread things...
What about people who don't drink the water? or filter it? Like I'm pretty sure Kevin's paranoid friend doesn't drink tap water....
Those are some gorgeous roses.
September 29th, 2018
Birds are awesome
and I learned things today!
September 11th, 2018
Do we remember what her worst fear is...?
It's always so much less pleasant when the tragedy is yours.
Love the expressions on this page.
Well here's an interesting question. Are video-call devices able to pick up the frequencies he requires to make his powers work? It looks like aura, but that's not the visible light spectrum or everyone would see it.

Perhaps he has invested in video call tech so that he is more effective? But he's shown this insight even on the reddit/4chan hybrid website of this crazy world. So yeah, definitely powerful, or else what is he using for his long range powers?

Honestly, instead of outright empathy (which is a decent name for it, even if it's not actually done with the whole psionic/telempathic stuff I've seen in other canons) it could just be a highly developed instinct for reading people, their tones, expressions, body language, etc, and intimate understanding of the human psyche. This brings up the question of if it works on nonhumans...but that's another discussion entirely. So empathetic, but not classically empathic.
This sounds like the guy named Dr. Doctor, which my mom thought was a prank until her pharmacist dad took the phone away. Turns out he's got an actual degree and everything.
So do they know he can see both girls yet? Do they know he too is a Legacy?! *flails*
I love that Alice has a villain name now. I love the name, too. And while this is a late comment, her new bangs and hairstyle is awesome. Kinesis is great, but I think I like Alice just a little more. <3 GO ALICE GO!
I know I'm really late but
Hello Meatshield.
If Susan does not call him on the fact that he guessed their names and not their Sire, I will be unhappy, as Mesharr pointed out. <3 And perhaps they met on the ship?

*totally going back to reread!*
Kenny looks adorably awkward in that incentive, but I see his hand! <3

And another vote for taking the upgrade. Then again, we never said she and Kinny are particularly /good/ villains...*sigh* But it does seem rather obvious. She must be really shaken up. Which is odd, given that she was responsible for fruitcaking that one guy. ...Indirectly.

Is this really her first direct kill? Or is it more how close to dying she came?

Then again, could be the light. Might be a homing beacon for more powerful heroes -- thus the rush. But don't you have time to grab the device?!