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is the title of this minicomic, which I'm posting over here to Smackjeeves as.... a mirror I guess? XD

It's a tie-in comic to a larger story, which is being posted on its own website here:

I hope you enjoy it!
Woop woop!
Aaaand this is the end of the mini! Sorry for the long delay getting the rest of it up on here, for anyone who was following it on Smackjeeves.

This 48-page story is an extra I created to flesh out the backstory of Astrid, who as a grown-up is a character in a much longer (500+ page) webcomic called Chirault. One day I may put that story up on here too; in the meantime, though, it is being posted on its own webspace, here:

Thank you for reading! And if you enjoyed the mini enough to want a copy of it on your bookshelf, I have a few copies left; message me if you are interested. (: (they're $7 each, shipping not included).
@genii: Woo! Thank you :D (sorry for... ultimate lateness with this reply, oh man XD;; )
@HABE: Thanks! :D I'm glad to hear you are liking it.
Finally figured out how to include comments on this thing! I don't know much about code so I'd just grabbed the least obtrusive template and ran with it-- turns out for some reason it lacked a comments section? Dang, it took me ages to notice, too.

Anyway, fixed now. (: