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Bashing Sonic DOESN'T make you apart of some elite group of people. Also, calling someone "autistic" because they like something you don't makes you seem like an inconsistent prick. If you do that, consider growing some brain cells. Play games you like. Don't ponder on games you hate. Speak with your mind. :) I consider myself a positive gamer. I love the PS3. Xbox 360 is good but I despise the Wii. Wii U is no exception. Windows FTW! Apple can kiss my behind. Yadda yadda all that simple stuff.

"I'm runnin' wild, living fast, and free: Got no regrets inside of me"

Main Character: Zoura the Hedgehog
Real Name: Thomas Edwards
Favorite video game character: Sonic The Hedgehog
Favorite Video Game Series: Ratchet & Clank
Favorite Video Game: Sonic Colors
Console of Choice: PS3 (soon to be PS4)
Console Company of Choice: Sony (PLAYSTATION!)

And yes, my character is a red Sonic. A lot of people on this site have it already, I know. But the good news is..I'm already adding some clothes to him. So..yep.
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Who said I trust him?
@MarioAwesomeGuy You're a terrible troll Nyan. :I
@Hero of Comedy: Just ignore that guy. He's a general arse.
You really should update this comic.
@MartyMcFly2015: I quite frankly don't give a d*mn what you think. You're the most negative guy in SJ history as far as I'm concerned. I did a little research on VOTV to find that one out.
Thanks for taking my suggestion!

EDIT: What program do you use, and how do you make those speech bubbles? Also, where did you get those icons for Toad and Luweegee?
Welcome to Saturday Morning Slam, we are the most G-Rated Show in the land...

Oh wait, wrong show. XD. Anyway good comic. Need some Micheal Cole though.
This is pretty good! FAV!
This comics pretty..meh. Could use some speech bubbles. So far I'd give it a 3/10.
Can anyone send me the Zombie sprites please?
@Slyfer: Hate comics never last. They always die. Actually most of Advertisements "comics" just die.

You know. If you even count this "my opinion is factual" hate fest as a comic, then yeah.
ALL Mario games are unique and original? Wow, so what about Mario Kart 7, which DIRECTLY ripped off Diddy Kong Racing? You wanna know why we say Mario rehashes so much? Becuase it's true. Nintendo rehashes. They do it so much more than any other company and experiment so much less. EA and Activision may not try as many new IPs as they used to, but they still put in some effort. Even SEGA on its current diet has tried more new things than Nintendo has (also, SEGA doesn't rehash so much as just port their classics to every system, which is different from dressing up an old game in new clothes and charging $50+ for it)! Nintendo? Besides Wii Sports, Wii Music, and Wii Fit, I can't think of anything new they tried on the Wii. Meanwhile, they released over 30 Mario games for it. Over 5 Mario games each year, which comes down to one every couple months! That's ridiculous. "Oh, but they're spinoffs, so it's okay!" Modern Warfare is a spinoff. Black Ops is a spinoff. Does that mean Activision doesn't release too many of them? They might seem the same to you, but Super Princess Peach, Wario's Wii platformer, Kirby Yarn, DKC, etc. feel the same to someone who doesn't play platformers. In conclusion, Nintendo deserves its reputation as a Mario rehashing machine, and it only has itself to blame for the Wii U's failure. Unlike SEGA, which always tried new things, Nintendo admitted it's too afraid to deviate from the status quo even though that would help the Wii U so much more than another Mario game. You think Halo, Sonic, Call of Duty, etc. started off popular, Nintendo? Your complacency will kill your company, Iwata. You should be fired. And New Super Mario World isn't getting any better. It's a 4 player game with NO ON-FUCKING-LINE in the year 2013, and it's basicly just Super Mario 3D Land with A CAT SUIT!!!! (That Reggie guy even said HIMSELF that the "innovation here is the catsuit), like WTF? You're using your bias against Sonic to say that EVERY Mario game is original, please don't be blinded. Think with an open mind here. Not even that, but the logic of Mario makes no sense. Why the hell does she have the Toads there, (who are supposed to protect her), and they don't do shit but WATCH her get kidnapped.

5. Super Mario Galaxy 2
While fun to play it felt hollow and I disliked the layout
4. Super Mario 64
Overrated because of people nostalgia
3. Mario Kart (all of them)
Repetitive and quickly become only good for occasional play, come make more tracks Nintendo
2. Super Paper Mario
That game was garbage
1. Super Mario 3D land
Level skipping made it too easy, it lacked a hub, the bosses were uninspired and repetitive, it was short, and it all felt like a tech demo.

But yeah, Sonic isn't the most perfect franchise in the world. But Mario? Great? Please. We get it. You hate Sonic. But calling Mario good due to your hate for Sonic is stupid. I thought we stopped comparing Sonic to Mario back in 2002.
Congrats on going 1 year strong!