ummmmmm..... i cant reveal anything sorry! xD
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I know exactly how he feels the right song could be all the therapy you need and oh man i hope he knows how to dry that thing so the wood don't swell
LOL my son gets the same look when he doesn't want to tell me something!xD
NNNNNNOOOOOOOO she was one of my favorites!D;
positive pregnancy test coming our way nnnnnnooooooooooooo!xC
I have a feeling Hayden might punch Nate for ditching Mars even though its not his fault but he also shouldn't be such a doormat when it comes to penny!
Aww now i feel bad for laughing so hard at the last page XC
;n; glad to see it update!XD
;n; glad to see it update!XD
honesty hurts but everyone deserves it and who knows something might blossom from this! xD
so is it officially over after he put flowers on his lovers grave!;C
youre right it means How nice/sweet/cute so you used it right and hes cute cant wait to see what trouble he cause xD
honestly i hope mars waits for dio xD
lol does he poop thats the first question i would ask! xD
aaawwwww so cuuuttteee!xD
oh man i feel his pain when those eight legs touch you and your heart stops!xD
June 24th, 2016
Jamie is too adorable! xD
hes not small hes travel size convent for those who loves him
May 27th, 2016
she reminds me of my sister no dame compassion what so ever! xD