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ummmmmm..... i cant reveal anything sorry! xD
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im just like that when someone steals my food too.
they are just precious! xD
they are just precious! xD
I love Will and Nikita, but my fav ship is Sunny x Markus, dating is trial and error so I can't wait to see how everything goes. Awesome comic by the way! xD
Aw life is tough so it's understandable, its a good comic, so I'm happy to see you haven't given up, keep up the good work!XD
I still love this ship even though its been a long time. they're still my favorite couple.
[ love this comic and your artwork is just lovely!
R.I.P overpriced coffee will be missed ; n ;
Damn that Leon for messing things up ;A;
Right "CPR" wink wink nudge nudge
the fourth outfit was so cute just throwing it out there
December 21st, 2017
its an awesome story with or without color and this is supposed to be fun for you not stressful I'm pretty sure more updates is better than color at least to me it is.
2.butters x Kenny love bunny many sexy men hard to choose!
I hope Aiden tells him to go to Roman for that mouth stuffing :p
holy toast, what the hell. did he get into a fight with a kangaroo!
I like Maud's style they all look good can't wait for the comic to start to see what their personalities are going to be like.XD
I know exactly how he feels the right song could be all the therapy you need and oh man i hope he knows how to dry that thing so the wood don't swell
LOL my son gets the same look when he doesn't want to tell me something!xD
NNNNNNOOOOOOOO she was one of my favorites!D;