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*Grand entrance.*
Okay, what am I?
16 at the moment, goofy, odd, lazy, obsessive, cheery, irritable (In a childish way.), bisexual (Unnecessary information), daydream-y, arrogant, immature, childish, slightly violent (In a childishly tsundere way), excited, apparently my laugh is absolutely hilarious and very very stupid, aaaaand I lost my train of thought. But I'm certain that this information will be of no use to anybody.

I like stories. Books, manga, films, what have you. I'm often more interested in the lore of the game than the gameplay. Unless it's one of those partially sandbox games, where I kind of ignore the main quest and go all "Ooooh, sidequest! Ooooh, collectible! Ooooh, intact thing!"

I also like writing stories, and I would soo make a webcomic if I had the ability to finish a story, possessed any above decent drawing skills or possessed any necessary tools.

Other than that, my interests would be the internet, scouting, sticker graffiti, staring into outer space, thinking about funny sounding words, contemplating my navel, procrastinating, expanding my vocabulary with clever-sounding words and so on.

My god, why am I so crap at profile descriptions?
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Is her hair and cape in some other brightly striped dimension or something?
October 26th, 2014
@YukixKaname1: Dude... I think you mixed up their names...
He slept all the way to last year.
Those reporters are making logical leaps like fucking gazelles.

Cinder really does piss me off.

No? Okay....
Oh Wallis, you master of subterfuge.
So blonde hair, yet no visible limbs...
Aaaand this is the part where Wallis will turn out to be evil now.
You know, unless it really is Assistant, it could also be another person with black hair and dark skin.

The presumptions feel a bit racist, no?
*Above comment*

Well, I thought I should at least act surprised.
The last two bubbles:
"You sure? I mean, she said it would be a big part of our final grade."
"Are you deaf or just stupid?! I sa-"
@LADYKAZUMI: Text is also irrelevant.
And yet I still tried to read it.
Does Clarence not have a bone marrow?!

...I'm aware how fan service works, but I can't stop wondering why he didn't just buy a pair of trousers.
@PiMaster: Umm... Chores? I believe her own delusions confirmed that she was made to do chores.
...Aaand I'm still happy over this, if not more so.
I'm going to hell.
Oh this will be the best birthday present ever.
@The_mad_one: Someone has to, with all these upside down smiles around. One huge cake monster destroys everything, and then suddenly everybody's a party-pooper.
...I have the most nagging worry that all her power does is change colours.