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Yay! A comic about my favorite Great Old One. FAV'ed.
Whoo. Took me an hour, but I just read all the way through and caught up with what I had been missing. You know, you'd think someone who writes a serious comic wouldn't be into this, but I have to say that Eccentricity is my favorite comic on here...
HA! I have a full Sherlock Holmes costume. The deerstalker cap was $40.00 and the Inverness cape was $300.00 at a little Irish shop in Newport, RI. Big fan of Sherlock Holmes too!
So, where is the shadow of the Hitler-stache coming from?
November 5th, 2007
AHA! This may be the place I left off. Nice coffee pot, BTW...
Ooof! You're still around? I wonder where I left off reading...
:( Ohhh man... I've been gone so long, and now I have hundreds of pages to read.. Grrrr... I'll start tomorrow.
It's Greek: tau epsilon lambda epsilon pi omicron rho tau alpha tau iota omicron nu. Teleportation... Is she getting ready to rip his pants off?
Wow... Just read it through. This is the greatest hand-drawn cartoon I've ever seen, and the lines on the paper make it soooo.... I don't know... genuine, maybe? Wicked cool work. FAV'ed
Very nice. I just read this through. Despite the fact that you can't spell "prologue" ( :P ) you're an awesome writer, and your art is really nice. FAV'ed
November 5th, 2007
Just went through your archives. I love postapocalyptic stuff. The art and story line in this is great, not to mention page layout. Fav'ed.
Not my particular cup of tea, but I had to tell you that your art is beautiful.
October 31st, 2007
This is beautiful. You;ve been fav'ed
Nice... I'm not a fan of the new show, since I'm a Pertwee/Baker purist, but I'm still glad to see the Doctor getting coverage, no matter what he looks like.
Well, I've been gone longer than you, so coming back and seeing all the new strips was a treat. Love your style, and I'm still madly in love with your main character.
Lovely comic. I just started at the beginning and read it through. The art is some of the best I've seen on here, and the story is addictive. Very, very nice.
Just read through. Very nice, very creepy... And thus perfect. I'll be watching this one.
February 14th, 2006
And your head is exploding.

I had to rate you a 5, if for no other reason than because your rating was 333, the numerological equvalent of the demon choronzon, and in a strip about a demon that was just too weird.
Hmmmm. So, why are we killing off what seemed initially to be the main characters?