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Hello!~ I'm Isabel and i love anime and manga. I'm a big fan of yaoi but i also yuri and smut. Just got into reading webcomics last year but only know two and just got to know two more. So if you have a favorite webcomic than please let me know so that i can check it out :). Also really anything with romance is what i love but i hate horror and only read/watch mystery sometimes.

Check out my Youtube :)
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!!! Love them so much!!
Also I hope tha maybe one day you make physical copies of this comic to sell because I just love your story so much!!
It's already on tapas? I can't find it 😓
So happy!
I'm so happy I came across you comic! I got all caught up in one sitting and now will be looking forward to updates! Really love it!
Is the pre-orders for the 1st volume closed already? I checked your site for it but it says the site is down.
I love your characters so much! Especially these two 💕
They're so cute!
This comic...
I really love it so so much! I always look forward to your updates. Would really love to own a print version of it ❤️.
Love him!
I love Brian!! Can't wait to see what goes through his mind.
Love <3
I really love your comics! If you ever decide on making them into books I will gladly buy them! Also this is getting super exciting!! :D
Looking forward to this chapter!! :D
April 22nd, 2016
:D. <3!!!
Will you be at San Japan again this year?
August 27th, 2015
I'm still reading!
Happy to see an update :)
August 18th, 2015
@Zeroshark: I'm so happy to see you back!! It was very nice to meet you at San Japan. You're a very sweet person :)
Aw they are super cute together! :)
How much are commissions? If u don't mind me asking
He is super adorable!! :)
It looks so cute! I look forward to this comic :)
Yay!!! The kiss!!! :) <3
Aw it's over already? lol. Love this series! :)
*raises hand* I would like to see the mature content please! :)