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I want to believe I can draw.. but can't. So write stories and turn boring classes or telephone calls into doodle sessions. I created this account to comment on comics and to save them in a favorites section.
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so sad. want good things to happen to him. @Kyrasaur is right. killing softly
@lovelessbutterfly i like that.. sings in a vivid tone, drowning out my anguished cries...
Right... so dreams of a tortured soul who's seen too much and is crazy. Yup, how ccould this possibly go wrong? xD
May 15th, 2013
Literally been saving this last update until my exams were finished. What a great way to de-stress! ^_^
De plus, aujourd'hui, j'ai lu que vous êtes francaise! Vous parlez anglais parfaitement. J'ai presque fini avec mon année étrangère en France. Je peux parler français mais j'ai beaucoup de fautes d'écriture. (;-;)
Anywho.. I loved in this one how you see the two different reflections and view points. In the last one two with the advertisement. I really liked the angles.
May 9th, 2013
Am I really the first one to comment? *happy dance!! :D*

I just love how Sindri is trying to help.. but isn't her mission to like kill him though? X/ I have a feeling I need to reread the whole comic again. Which won't be a problem. I LOVE IT!
Heart Broken. Wanna hug him.
April 30th, 2013
My first comment (I think?)
1. I love this comic. I wish it would update more often. But so far it HAS updated super consistently which is way better than most comics. And it's always more than ONE page. ^_^ 2. I love how you draw eyes and eyebrows. They are super expressive. I also really like how each character is easily identifiable from one another... 3. about the latest comic = poor little guy. :( Or lucky if you look at it from a danger standpoint.
I love both the characters. I just can't wait for more updates! (P.S. Why do they want to kill them? I suppose genocides never have great reasons, but just wondering.)
I love Tim. That would totally be me. ... if I had a pumpkin head and vine body anyway.
April 17th, 2013
Ok!! :D Let's start!
never underestimate the amount people are willing to spend for charity and to get more comic book pages early. Great idea and a worth cause. Thanks!!!
Also... what 6 volumes. Oh that makes me so so happy to know there are many more comics yet to read. ^_^
It's just such a cute comic!! I hope you keep up with it.