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Cartoonist. Short Girl. Comic maker.
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None for the rest of the year I'm afraid but hopefully in 2015 things will be a bit better off. I can't believe it's almost 2015!
Awhhhhh I sooooo wish I was going to Thought Bubble D:
Ooof, reading that and then reading about your personal experiences leaves me with a hollow feeling in my stomach, I know of what you speak :( Men and their complicatedness, not wanting to talk, ughh just all of it. I can absolutely relate there, rough stuff. I hope it gets better for you!
Ooof yes that is tremendously true. Which is why I desperately hate feeling like I've hurt someone because sometimes I think I take it worse. Blargh. I love this comic, will be sad when it's done BUT I know you'll cook up something just as awesome :D
Oh god, me too. If people do this to me.... I literally have a panic attack. It's requested and everyone I know knooows I can't stand that, and they know if I they ever get the folks to sing at me, I will hate them forever.
Awhh god, I know these feelings so well. But yeah, fuck it. comics forever!
Ohhhh, I know those feelings well. D:
This literally hurts my heart to read this :( Poor Sasha. Get out of there, NOW! Go! Don't listen to Blythe, she's so hung up on herself. GUHHHHHHHH. Sasha. :(
Yay! PA! It's quite gorgeous here, but there are some eh ares as well. I live in the mountains in eastern PA, right off the gap, near the Appalachian trail. It. is. awesome.
Ha ha, that defiant look in the last sequence. Love!
Ahhh man. I recall some of the signs we saw headed down to SPX. I forget what it was FOR but the sign said "more fun than a puppy!" And some picture of a guy... with a puppy. There were a few others as well. Weird.
@AmusementPark: And um... who said he wasn't going to be doing work? I'd rather an artist take some time to get caught up and maybe get a bit of a buffer going--rather that than for him to start book 5 and then have to halt updates because he wasn't ready (this happens SOOO much in webcomics, and I'm totally guilty of it, pretty much why I don't actually have a webcomic anymore.)

Twist and I don't see eye to eye on much, but I absolutely applaud him for this comic---you guys realise that otherwise, this comic updates every weekday??? When some comics only update once a week? Maybe less?

To everyone a little sore about a two month break: step back and think about it for a second... this isn't something you are entitled to, this is a free comic... being pissed that someone is taking a break after MORE than a year?

Seriously, take a look at the date of when book 4 started. 2012. February. Think about that for a second! Holy crap. Take a break. Seriously. You earned it!
Those wires are worrisome. I assume since the tree fell on them they are no longer live, but eeeek. Down wires always give me the creeps.
Man. The art gets better with every page. Love the expressions!
Awhh. Tree :(
@Terrador: That song just crushes my heart. It's beautiful but even thinking about listening to it makes me cry like a wee baby. :( ::rolls on the floor sobbing::
Hahaha awhh, it's kind of funny they made you guess... aggghhh work. :| And heyyy we have the same lockers!!
Scary stuff. I love trees but man, in those circumstances I really do worry about them. My brother's house had 3 trees fall on it in the same night due to a freak storm, one smashing the car in the process. Makes living in the woods a bit scary for me when we have big storms, regardless of the season. D:
@Harmonik: Stoned, yes. That could be a bit of a problem :P