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I feel so bad for not commenting... I'm bad.
I really enjoyed A Song for Elise, I'm glad I ended up buying it.
It's sad to see it's over.
You told the secret...
I was thinking the same thing. She must have some super desperate housewives power or something.
No! Don't tell! its a secret.
I love how you did the hair in this page. You have such a nice style.
You don't suck at drawing bare chests from what I've seen.
Aparently you are stupid and not involved in you childrens lives.
Hm. I thought that was what he was doing. It's pen? Huh.
NOOOOOOO!!! I have become addicted to Monster. ... I think it was you that said something about it.
Now I can't stop reading it!

Eugh... Chad in a mini skirt...
That's a good sketch though!
Thanks for the treat. I just came back from my trip and went to work and then I find you restarted. I can't wait to see how you change the story.
Chad close that mouth.
I know I just feel bad. .. .
I can't wait to see how much you've changed/improved.

Although I really gotta wonder if Sainlevie is really dead...
Oh Noes!

I suck at commenting... I need to comment on things more...
Yay! He returns and comes to the rescue.
The "Or else" reminded me of Corner Gas when Brent and Lacy were watching a kid that was a menace. Brents mom said to always leave the threat open so the kids imagination goes wild.
[A Canadian comedy show for those who don't know.]
It's a wonder he's still alive. What tricks do you have up your sleaves Mr. Bart?
He's dead!
*Runs back into the shadows*
I love the stick figure running away.
Oooo, new character?... I think..
Lol. I love the page. :)
Thank-you for making the comic.

Lol an extra m in there. Lol try to say that one.
I think you forgot to do the famous "pinch and check". I hear it's a great way to tell if it's a dream.
Lol. When I saw the update I thought. April Fools and sure enough I not even finished the first panel.
Because somebody got killed silly. It's either that or got seriously wounded...