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Someone has ulterior motives.
Micah, you'd better go do something about it!
Felix! Bad touch!
Felix means business...
Micah! Just! Stop! Talking!

Hi, Felix. I like drawing you.
Ohhhhhhh things are getting serious.
Micah, just turn around and walk through that door while you still can! This guy is onto you!
Sure, just kick him when he's down.

I had such an amazing wedding last Friday! I never really take the "happiest day of my life" stuff seriously, but I was so frickin happy all day <3 Don't mind me as I'm still floating around a bit.
Felix knows all of this because he's head of the Gawain Ashcraft fanclub.

Guys, me and my boyfriend are getting married this Friday! :D I'm so excited! I'll let you know how it was next week <3
Captain Gawain reporting for duty!

Felix, you're a little shit, but I love drawing you so much.
The word is out! I love revealing things :D
Micah, you really need to start learning how to control your emotions. This blurting out thing that you do... not that convenient.
These are the important questions!
Micah did not expect that though.
Micah... maybe you should be afraid...
Even Felix thinks it's a stupid idea!
And Micah really looks like he's about to strangle him with that scarf...
You may not be happy to see him, but I'm excited that Felix returns to the story :D I missed him!
@Supernova9817: That's a mystery that's gonna be solved when I reveal it ;)
Micah, are you sure this is a good idea?
I hope the speech bubbles on the first two panels make sense! I guess it was a bit too experimental :P
That was definitely not what Micah wanted to hear. At least he knows it's not his fault!
But... now what?