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Hugs for all of you.
I'm sorry for leaving you with a cliffhanger.
This was way too much text for one page. I'm so sorry >.<
So much text!! Aaahhh!!
I had no clue if I'd be able to fit it all on the page, and maybe I shouldn't have put so much on it, but flashbacks require a lot of explanation. Bear with me! <3
It's a Gawain flashback! It really is!
I tried to make him look a bit more polished and groomed in his military days. Also, less tired.
Gawain is just so scared of hurting Micah's feelings. The guilt is very strong.
I have no idea what type of food Gawain cooks :P Let's just assume it's tasty!

And Micah is asking questions!
@anon: Ahhh yes, that's true! Thanks for pointing that out, Anon!
Oh Micah... you're making things so difficult for yourself...
Is Gawain gullible or just very trusting? What do you think?
Gawain is so happy that his boyfriend is back! Buttttt... is he on to him?
Someone is very upset!
Chapter 8 is here!
Such a happy cover! (I'm so sorry...)
Micah, you make very bad choices under stress...

The end of chapter 7! A chapter I knew people would hate! :D
I will have the cover for chapter 8 ready next week!
September 19th, 2017
Take that, Felix! Bam!
Micah is not taking your shit anymore!
September 12th, 2017
Steamy steamy steamy stuff.
And hi, Felix.
Hmmm... Why do I want my readers to hate me...? I keep asking myself, but I haven't found the answer yet.
Micah is very susceptible to Felix's advances. The poor thing is not exactly emotionally stable right now.
Someone has ulterior motives.
Micah, you'd better go do something about it!
Felix! Bad touch!
Felix means business...