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@Scorpio730: Thank you so much <3 For the kind words and for understanding. That really means a lot to me :)
@Auldr: I'm so happy you've enjoyed it <3 That's the most important thing to me :)
@YJK: Thank you! <3 I'll be around arting on other social media! :D
@dirteater7: Thank you for your kind words <3 And thank you for reading!
@Gnildryw: You're welcome <3 I'd feel horrible leaving you guys with absolutely nothing so I hope this can give some sort of closure :)
@YaoiGirl09: Thank you! <3 I'll definitely be around!
@Let gasp: It was a very painful decision to make. It warms my heart that it was one of your favorite comics <3 Thank you for reading :)
@Jiasura: Thank you <3 I'm so happy you enjoyed reading it
You can leave all your questions in the comments. I'll do my best to answer all of them <3

Where to find my art elsewhere:
Hey lovelies!
I'm going on a trip to San Francisco tomorrow and I'll be staying there for a week. So that means there won't be an update coming Tuesday. The next OH page will be submitted on April 16th.

See you then! <3
He's being so helpful!

I didn't have that much time to create this page, so of course I gave it eight panels and backgrounds -_-
Felix just wants to spend some quality time with his new friend.
Going back into the lion's den! :O
Felix is back! Drawing him makes me so happy.
How do you guys feel about him? Writing antagonists is difficult, so I'd love to know.
I give you... showering Gawain...
You're welcome :D
Happy new year! <3

I bought a new PC so I need to figure out how art program settings work on here :P I think I figured out how inking looks best. Let's not get too used to it though because I'm buying a new Wacom drawing tablet soon! Starting off the new year with all new material!
I wish all of you very happy holidays! I hope you'll have a wonderful 2019 because you deserve it <3

There won't be a new page tomorrow because I'm on a winter break and I'll be spending it with friends and family.
But there will be a new Obsidian Heart page on January 8th!

Until then! <3
Keeping secrets so you can be happy with your boyfriend. Probably not your smartest decision, Micah.

I do love drawing them being adorable...
A bit more plot gets revealed! :D
And I just love drawing the boyfriends being cute. Of course there's still more going on...