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Lloyd T.H.
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Haha, nice use of water gun. XP
Hehe, Man that gym brings back memories, hated those wall too. XD
SRB2 Antics
For those wondering What SRB2 is, you can check it out here:

And yea, I think everything else is handled for now.
YOUR'S ya idiot!
Still, it one you say a lot still.
Yep, I'm still alive, just bombarded with college classes. And I can't tell you how many time boss has hit me with that dang phrase! Anyway, I'll try and up date more if possible. And yay for Cameos!
from sprite to full size, big switch spar.
@mace: Yea, I'm in college, so I won't be able to update as fast as I used to.
@boss:I know the feeling man, but you'll think of something.
I'm back!
Hopefully I'll do better about updates on my side, but bare with me be of classes, it's hard to keep up with everything!
yep, I can send some if you need it.
Hopefully, I'll have everything by this week and try to work on one in the next week or two.
no, it's the time after he ran into you, and BEFORE this here. It might double as a intro for me and Presea when I get my program and things back.
I so have an idea for what may have happened before this and after the encounter with boss.
I'm not a expert, but it is tough without the right dimensions.
isn't this something
wow, total re-vamp, anyway, once I get my home computer fixed and get photoshop running again, you bet I'm Coming back!
whoa, is this a flash file? that got me when it loaded all the way! 5*(star)
thanks K.T. I'll get my self in soon. i just need some things...
uh, if any one get this, I need someone to re-invite me, my sister hacked my file and had to find the comic again...
this is good so far. faved