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Animator and fun lover.

I love drawing, video games, making collabs with people, and long walks on the beach.
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    Sean Allen Chapman
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I like the look
Very nice to see you making more!
Listen to the wizard nave!
Looking back!
@Sharkberry: Thank you ^^
I wonder If I can do another one day!
i've been reading this comic and I like it.
comment above...IDK. Anyhow love the comic. Your selling comics???

Big adventure for characters soon? um other ideas if needed... snow activities
@ToryIsConfused: lol what is a ahoge? btw me and a friend recorded us reading this comic. we gave you credit! I will have link soon but its not up yet. If you wanna find me im seanlolx2 on /seanmcchapman
Oh god =A=
XD get some hair action!
Nice comic!
Can't wait to see more. I need some one to color my comics btw, but im not sure what colors would be used yet though.
Your a little late on that huh?
Giant tomatoes!

That guy is just creep'n