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Well, I'm a big Sonic fan, and I like amking myself look stupid and making others laugh, so I'll have some good jokes.
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rz had the right idea to run
Mabye... :D
sorry there haven't been any updates recently, i've been hooked on life, and when i wasn't, i was hooked on OC contests, you can go here to see! ---> update? really?
cool, wish i had a tablet...
merry christmas to all, and to all, lot's of laughs

go here ->
for old time's sake

go here ->
for old time's sake

go here ->
December 10th, 2008
heh, this made me laugh, nice
here ya go ya buggers
tried something different with this one
not much, but oh well
October 31st, 2008
you know... that's a very good question...
October 6th, 2008
hey, i was actually mentioned, and cool that you update
never again shall i cram so many panels on one page
cool! nice to see ya back on Sj, Shard! and hopefully this will motivate me to get back to my comic making, hehe...

...what's TPoA?
just realized how bad the quality is, go here to view it too and while your at it, feel free to view my gallery! :D
...Slyke is a HE, thank you very much...
definitly one of your best ones!

This took too long to make...
well, I have to face facts, I'm sorry to disappoint you all

And yes, I know this is not exactly a magnificent piece of art, but I was lazy on it and it was done a while ago

Anyways, if you want to continue watching my work (pleeeeeaaase...) go here

or here

oh, and if you think I should continue this, please say so