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Playing Pokemon, doing Nuzlockes what can I say I am not interesting ._.
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could this be character devlopment?? who knows, either way excited for the next chapter :) being a Nuzlocker (of sorts XD) I am fine with blood and character death, cant wait to read, who knows we may even get a new team member
found this comic a bit late XD well I guess I just gotta catch the next Q n A XD
uploaded just before my birthday <3 (a few hours before time zone wise XD) this battle is getting good, Nate sure has improved
Silver asking the real questions, where in the world is Harry, maybe we will find out XD
as the title says, I got a small theory though, Nate's mother went and hid from his farther for fear of both of their lives when she found out about his evil poaching schemes, for whatever reason she couldn't take him, maybe knowing he would be able to take her husband down, who knows other than you :P anyway great read as usual ^^
the hype is real, found this after I got home from work tonight, and have spent the rest of it reading your comic ^^ keep up the great work :D it has been a real ride of emotions here
I saw this comic the first time two days ago, and now I am hooked :D
D: come on Zach, do NOT die on us here
I cried when you showed us sad Andy ;~;
MIMI D:;~; I am not crying, it's just ninja's cutting onions I swear
idc that it is an extra, just so glad to see an update <3 hyped for the epic fights to come though :D
@Kynim: all FE names ffs you made me re-read the whole thing to see it ._. I am ashamed I love FE XD
Happy Valentines Pi c: love your comic it is going so well can't wait for more ^^
you sure know what the fans like to say XD
Hype for the last fight is real
*logs on today after a break yesterday* AHHHH new page <3, yeah XD this is one of my favourite Nuzlockes
after taking a break I come back to the best pages of any Nuzlocke EVER update NEEDED on the edge of my seat with Eevee,gahhhh
@Misharlotte: still got someone XD here
called it at the 3 hour tour XD still I am liking this so far, starting unique for a Nuzlocke comic :3