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i like marshmallow
yeah, everyday i basically: get extremely excited> get normal> get extremely sad and all this eternal loop
Oh, my, this was perfect! I really love it and all the psychology and symbolical stuff. Amazing! <3
whoa this is beautiful, i really like it!
yeah, I have the weird habit of looking for disease on google sometimes and always when I start to read the symptoms I feel at least one of them skdfjslegkjkslfd
February 16th, 2013
So mix drawing with working >:3
ok, have another update today! just wanting to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day, even though I'm kinda late, hehe.
Ok, I was thinking and I will update once every 3 days! I think that's enough time and if I get busier then I'll see what I'll do next, hehe!

And if you can not read something "OMG! I'm sure that if I open my eyes something really scary'll show up in front of me!"
the first one!
Ok, here's the first comic I made. I've done it's been a while, but oh well, I guess that's a regular start!
welcome you all
So i started doing this! Ok, first: I don't draw very well, so I decided to do some strips to improve my art! So, well, I accept constructive criticism and hope you all enjoy the strips at least a little, hehe.