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Sorry, but I'm not making a comic. Too busy with real life to do that. Someday, though, maybe I will. I find architecture very interesting, and bamboo very exotic. I'm not kidding.
…I’m wondering how that ninja survived up until now.
So you finally updated? It's been, like, 2 weeks. Nonetheless, TF2 is a bit addictive. I like being the Spy, and Scout. Engineer is pretty fun, too. :)
@Uninvited Guest: Don't go there, Guest. Don't go there.
Man, you're everywhere, GB, it's creepy. April Fool comics are always weird, one way or another.
Since when did Kirby care about the environment?
@GummyBears101: Answer: The gift box is very heavy.
Impressive. Swallowed bottle cap and everything.
@Uninvited Guest: Oh, yes. The present that is inside this comic contains a comic. Wait, that didn't make sense.

It must be soda, then.
Something that Kaxo told Saia that he hasn't revealed to anyone else. Wonder what that is.
Ha. Nice one there. Can't wait to see the banner.
It's Kumo, right? Kumo overreacts too much, it's funny.

Needs 0.5 more comic to reach comic 10.
Now I know how strange the Pokemon world is... +Fav.
Awesome, Shadik is back.
That's why you should ALWAYS listen to Kirby. :D
No updates? Too bad...
And it begins all over again... :)
Zash can sure scare the wits out of that ninja.
Hey, is this going to update?