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...Yeeeaaahh, I'm just here so that I don't have to keep typing the names of comics into the search bar in order to check their updates. Oh! But if you happen to think of a nuzlocke (or other Pokemon comic) I don't have in my favorites yet, feel free to PM me!
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DAT HAIR, though
Hey, H0ly - any chance you could do a tutorial on Trix's hairstyle, here? Shit's ADORABLE.
Son of a...
I lose a member of my nuzlocke teams EVERY. DAMN. TIME. I come across that guy. KILL IT WITH FIRE, ATTY!
@Harangue: That's what we're hoping for, anyway :D
@Taro: I've never seen ducktales so I'm afraid I don't know what song you guys're talking about, but I'll assume that in this case that's a good thing.
Aw, poor Rat...

"...I'm going to DESTROY you!"

Oh, poor Ty... Poor HAUNSHAUL...
Rain surfing! It is a thing now.
Wait - last contest of the quarter... does that mean that there won't be any more for awhile?
@Ultimate the Hedgehog: Of course not. It's been five minutes and I'm still giggling at Rat's face in panel 6.

...SHMACK! (teeheeheehee...)
I don't know, I'm glad you put it up. I'm not used to seeing gym leaders being encouraging, it makes a nice change. I like your Brock :D
...Are they TRYING to lose their fan base?
@ everyone -

Nannerl if female, or Johann if male
@Haunshaul: Oh, cool! Thanks!

Although, I think I've just about figured it out, already. You should be receiving my sorting hat quiz momentarily :D
(What? You expected me to see a tab saying "Hogwarts" and NOT click on it?)
Kinda fangirling over here. For the Numel.

Yeeeaaaahhh, I don't know what to make of that, either...
WOW. You're really going all out with this, aren't you?
BAHAHAHAHA those last panels...