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I really love they way you draw the deer poses! The movements looks so natural and pretty :) And poor Rig! Can't imagine her situation is an easy one :/
September 17th, 2018
they're gonna jump out the window into the pool! I predict the banner is coming true! :D cant wait!
if it turned out the spitz transformed into the wolf I'll laugh my butt off. especially if he shrinks back down when he is defeated^^
this comic is amazing btw! so professional and interesting! are there plans to release it in print? I'd totally buy it :)
the sister is (was) soooooo pretty
ah so mean the mom named the other one aradine and her rig. I know it's practicality but still, I thought hope might lead you to give a weak fawn a longer name :(
oh wow, rhikers silhouette is stunning! it looks really ominous and tragic, I love it!
"Grandma, why do you have such big teeth? T^T"
July 27th, 2018
he.....looks like a furry avatar
holy crap he is so huge in comparison to her xD now I kind of want to see them hug :)
@MK-AKA-Morgan: almost missed that!
why does everyone hate on Emilio I love him :D I didn't come here to read a cute story, I came here to read about psychos lmao
is it bad that all I can think is "great another sweater ruined" lmao
dam boi go off
maybe a little late but if anyone wants the translation:

1. Sad. So sad. So... stupid. What is my life? Empty. So empty.
2. I'm sorry. God in heaven help me.
3. I dont know.
4. I want to die. But not now. No. Not now.
5. Why do you treat me so badly God? Why do you hate me? I want someone to save me.
oh nooooooo, poor Connor! he looks so scared D:
I'm going with dragon because that would be awesome :D if it can only be real animals then maybe Komodo Dragon? I mean other than alligators/crocs and snakes there aren't many reptiles that would be useful in an attack.
If I was rich, I'd hire you for a million euros to only draw this comic. New pages every day!
March 26th, 2018
yikes, the bunny ears on his hat don't really bode well......