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@FinyMime: good catch! I was wondering why he kept wearing only one glove...
@Aiyse: they do lie down sometimes but they dont generally sleep like that. the most the do is doze lying down, they sleep on their feet. so this nighttime stable does not seem really realistic but whatever, the author is doing a great job :)
the crying clay head xDD
I kind of like shadow dude. he always seems so cheerful
hahahaha sorry you cant be emo when youre sparkling :D
holy shit in my school it was a miracle if there wasnt at least one broken beaker or test slide every chem period x'D but we were a terrible class! Never really got into trouble for it though, our teacher was really chill

GREAT comic! really really sweet, although I wanted Louis to tell Lori to stop acting like a hypocritical bitch. :)
love him! his hair is amazing!! ohh and when do we get to see the redhead and the scar dude again? thanks for the good work!

small correction: "Such a thing has never happened in my domain!"
wow especially the last panel looks fantastic!! the movement looks very real and natural, Im really impressed!!!! the others are awesome too, but the last one looks super realistic!
April 29th, 2016
wow, Navys is due for an ass kicking! maybe mine can get out his kitty claws and climb up his leg or something... thats usually really painful xD
too bad that I've caught up with the story, I hate having to waittttt :( but this comic is awesome, good job!!!!! I love the relatioship between the three, the way they protect each other :) It's actually the cutest damn thing I've ever seen :D And I cant help but feel sorry for the 'villain' kids.. Usually it annoys me when villains become friends with the heroes (see: Fairy Tail) but here I'm really hoping for it!! They deserve happiness, they're still just kids (I think)! I can only guess what your hints at Quintons past mean but I'm guessing nothing good, the poor baby :(
Oh and I love your humor! Especially Everywhere Kid is hilarious xD More, more, more :) Really excited for Serge's powers, too!
Well I could go on for ages, I just wanted to say thanks for this brilliant comic and give my love :) <3<3<3<3<3<3<3
April 1st, 2016
Don't worry, I got it immediately :) damn, I cant wait to find out about the payment! and what mine originally looks like! Are you ever gonna show that? and if so, in real life or flash backs?
noooo, I see an interruption coming! >:( pls just let this play out, poor guy'll have blue balls!
hahaha aaahh yes, internet fights :) no one ever wins one but everyone seems to love them. I think ppl should stop being so passionate about a comic which, as AWESOME as it is, is not real life. Thanks to the author for providing this for us at no cost, you rock <3
more wolfy stuff please!! you draw them so well!
I like how rosas ears are covered so you dont know yet if shes a wolf or not - mysterious..... :D
argh wolfy is so cuuuuutteeeeee.....e...
cant decide which panel is the best!
wow, that is one badass transformation! I absolutely love the way his eyes are the only focused things <3 looks really creepy and awesome!
@PurpureaNoxa: awesome!!! so this really is about gangrels and brujahs and toreadors and stuff? or is the original vampire the masquerade very different? anyways, this is so cool, thanks so much for making it!
alright I'm a little confused... I thought I read somewhere that this comic is based in the world of Vampire Masquerade: Bloodlines but when I just tried to look where on this site I read it, I can't find it anymore? Did I get that wrong? Because, damn, I just love that game and the atmosphere and I could have sworn this comic was about that.... Can anyone please answer?

Well anyway, I still adore this comic!!