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oh no, is he going to yell at her now? :(
@Songdog: Oh and I didnt even notice the subtle changing of Rig's color last page! It looks great!
@Frost Fox: I agree with @Metis here. Deadwood might not be warm and cuddly but he is also literally a DEMON. I'm pretty sure Rig knew what she was getting into. And it's not like Rig isn't perfectly willing to kill others to stay alive (think of all the poor little bunnies!). So I think the moral highground is lost right there. They made a deal and while Deadwood kept to the terms (and more! He let Fen into the woods, gave Rig extra powers to defeat Eckhart etc etc) Rig abandoned him at the first opportunity. 100% on tree-boy's side here
deadwoooooood! My babe is back!!!!!! So happy
Congrats on the anniversary!! I love this story and the art! Also the way you post so regularly :) I hope you keep this up for another 5 years :D
BTW does Rig look a bit fatter? Hard to tell with her lying down, but maybe she really is preggers?
@VadanDrumist: Im pretty sure (and I hope!) that she has to go back to deadwood and she has to stay this time (otherwise why would deadwood give her back the powers if she just left anyway? They had a deal) I just hope deadwood doesnt make her kill fen or sth to get back her powers. As much as he annoys me, that would be really mean.
judging from that chapter title everything will ne awesome and they'll live happily ever after lmao
@Songdog: How dare you mention Wolf's Rain, my psyche just managed to successfully suppress memories of that movie, now it's off to another depression spiral with me
@Guest: The leg would grow the rest of the body back, ripping the wolf apart and creating another identical Rig. I am 100% sure of this.
"Go hide from the wolves!"
"Ok" *runs away screeching*
in that second to last panel, the elder looks ready to FUCK SHIT UP
@Songdog: hell yeah, that would be magical
@Songdog: Dont blame her dude, she just wants to catch a glimpse of Deadwood like Bella New Moon-style
December 3rd, 2018
November 12th, 2018
well you arent a proper villain if your plans arent overcomplicated and ridiculously impractical
November 12th, 2018
I was gonna say that John's right leg looks a bit too short/small but now that I look at the page again I disagree with myself lmao
i miss deadwooddddddddddddddddddddd
the elder looks way more sick herself, probably some kind of parasite or fungus...
îf its not a deer with a long grey beard Im unsubbing