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Digital and Traditional manga hobbyist, also amateur comic maker.
I let my mind speak through images,sketches and pixelart. I love reading Manga's, and alot other comics that drags you along. I'll read easily more then I watch Anime or any series for that matter. Both hobbies are wonderful to combine and let your heart and imagination speak amongst many.
Please help me out by following/supporting me, thank you!
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That must hurt....
Well it makes me a bad driver too since I always crash off cliffs and other impossible things D:
@Getsu: Thank you ^-^ my French is real bad sadly ^^'
Echo's thoughts aren't translated yet? Overal Can't stop reading <3
Funny how she┬┤s always was the one that stayed alive in my game..
Oh good luck with it ^-^
Hawke's face is so awesome...
February 12th, 2015
Oooooh who will be her hero? >\\<
Yaaay new chapter ^___^
@Deonis: Yep , I agree. Leave war to the big guys.
September 7th, 2014
She better be carefull :B
Shameless promo? I think it looks awesome!
Krillin still own the record ^^'
Waaaah,what a beautiful story this was! A little sad that it's over though but looking forward to see more works from you! (:
At least you never forget his face ^^'