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Hi again!
So I guess I just update randomly..?
Well, we're finally off the beach! We won't see it for the rest of the chapter and the chapter after that! Yay!
Who wants Igg to turn mute? I'm starting to want to.
Gah, why must Igg talk so much?! She's such a chatterbox. Explaining and stuff.

I'm thinking about getting a cast page...

Anyway, just one more page of them on the beach before finally leaving it! You won't see the beach for the rest of the chapter after the next page. Yay!
I feel so unsatisfied with the plot. It looks so confusing at first glance. What was I thinking? Especially for the name... Seisis the Alakazam... Mf. Whatever.
So... Much... Copying... and Pasting...
Well, this page was certainly a pain to make. Especially with all the resizing, plus all the copying and pasting... Man, this is tiring...

Oh well. I hope you guys enjoyed the page!
Motion Blurs
I had just now figured out there are special effects on! Can't believe I didn't notice them earlier. Thus introducing the motion blur on panel 3. I really wanted to add an effect.

There will be way more motion blurs in battles. You'll see.

See you around!
First Ever Cover!
This is my first time making a chapter cover... How did I do?
Meet Igg!
Cause we all want to wake up with talking pink fluff.

Huff... Not much stuff happening here. Please be patient, there's going to be a lot of talking for the next couple of pages...
Hey there!
Just a simple page for now. Stay tuned for more!