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December 20th, 2015
Perhaps there's a hickey on both sides... ^.^
This page ends perfectly, it transitions into the page with the joke about falling from heaven seamlessly. Hehe, I'm still not over that joke. Perfect.
Ranmaru is so demure on this page! Look at those eyes! Oh my.
July 10th, 2013
*Making it a threesome and stealing the popcorn bowl*

We will avidly be awaiting your return. XD
His younger self has a stronger jaw. I get the impression that he was a lot more hostile toward the world than in his bodyguard years. He has nice toes, too. I have to agree with eternalarrow. hehe.
Ooooo. O.o Well, not totally unexpected, but definitely interesting. Storytime!
Ah, I want to hear Kaidou's backstory more and more. A prolonged flashback is not what I'm talking about, but actual clarification on how wild Kaidou was! :)
Also, Crimson, your characters expressions have really improved lately. They seem far from 2-D figures with the amount of change they go through regarding pose and expression. Your characters are much better at conveying emotions than many successful mangaka's characters I've seen. Keep up your good work!
Yup, I've been waiting for this, along with Grass Nest. XD
Hehe, Kaidou, <Singing> your expressions are getting more perverted!
Spain will be nice, can you understand Spanish?
Ohhh, I love Aki's hands in this picture!
June 26th, 2013
Nice face, Kaidou. :P
June 25th, 2013
I could almost feel the voices of the characters coming out of this page. Well done.
June 25th, 2013
Tonight I'm going to bed smiling from all the catching up I just did for One Rainy Day. I'm happy, I'm happy....lalalalala! *bliss* I haven't been able to read it lately, but as always, this comic brightens up my day. It just so happens I was lucky enough to land on this page. ^.^
June 15th, 2013
The first panel with Naomi's bf made me startle along with Aki. At a glance I thought it was Haru with darker hair. I was expecting to be surprised (due to Aki's previous reaction) so I saw Haru. The next panel showed more of him, so I knew it wasn't Haru, but the shock is making me babble. Excuse me. Ahem. I'll just post this, but I know this comment was poorly written. Gomen.
June 12th, 2013
Aki, Aki, I love you. That smile 91st panel) and the way you react in general are precious.
@Crimson Chains: What I've noticed about your artwork is that the curve of the lines have gotten a bit more confident, and there's less tentativeness in your drawing style. As I've said before(different page on a different comic), the font you've now started to use has greatly improved the ease with which I at least read your new updates, and that also seems like a contributing factor(my own opinion, which may or may not be true)to why you've gotten an influx of praise for your art lately. Still, your art has gotten better in just these past few weeks.
YES. Let's do it.**evil grin** Let's go to sleep in a nice COMFY bed where we have to share a blanket and be all snugly until that heavily hinted at action starts.
What? I was talking about another movie on a portable watching device.**Shifts, shuffles, and slinks away**
I love this comic!
I'm loving this new font you have for your comics. It's even easier to digest than the last one! The curve of the letters makes reading the words have a certain flow that the other font didn't. The aesthetic qualities of your comics have evolved again, and for the better, in my opinion! Your stories are always so engaging!
Oh, my. I love that extra!
We'll all be be here. I smiled when I saw it was updated!