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@yoy56: Who ordered a crazy fire lizard?
@SSJ Rose Nova: We're back in the unreal part of the story (Cilan), right after she fell from the boat. But this part of the story might have been imagined because she got shocked.
@42Meep: It's even more ridiculous on the new games, where things are more proportional.
Dude, you can literally just step over that! Why are you making me go all around the country before I can reach that Pokébal?!!!
@mcslurpi: Which one?
@42Meep: In order to keep his plot armour, he needs to be in the plot :)
@Guest: She's making up the whole "unreal" story for a reason.
@SSJ Rose Nova: Answers next comic ;)
That is the storm that is surrounding the whole of Cilan.
@42Meep: I tried to do this smoothly. I failed terribly.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: I didn't try to hide it. The 'r' is there to make it clear what it was.

Although this story has some comic reliefs, it'll be a dark story.
@42Meep: I can't answer that yet ;)
I know I know... I don't like how this went either, ok? I'm sorry.

Changing it would mean no updates for a while while I rewrite and redraw this...
If you also think it's for the best, I'll just do it, otherwise just cope with this stupidity for a while...
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Although Dedenne is not such a bad idea... I might still change the Pokémon...
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Actually on c01-120 you can see Red. This is indeed before the RBY games...
It's not like no one has ever caught Pikachus on forests before, just not in Viridian forest... And so people don't know about it yet.
Either way it's not very important to the story, and it has to stay unless I redo the chapter (which I'm quite inclined to do, as I don't like how this turned out at all).
It really is a Pikachu. When I was a kid I found it weird that you'd have an electric Pokémon so early in game, furthermore in a forest. And since pokémon locations change so much depending on which generation you're playing I decided that this story would take place on a time where Pikachus weren't yet there.
@Guest: In the end we'll discover that behind team moon is an evil Pokédex.
@hyjgftue543fjtrhj: And BOOM!
Next Friday there might be no comic, but I'm pretty sure I can finish the new ones by Monday. After that I'll be out for two weeks.
As stated before this chapter came too early. I decided to finish it as soon as possible too. This weill be indeed a short chapter.
@SSJ Rose Nova: There's no doubt she was in Kanto. Only on her mind.
I got a new idea
Well, it's not new, as I had already thought about it, and deep down I always knew it would wappen in the story. In fact it fits perfectly well with the rest of the story.
I'm having some trouble fitting it with what I already wrote, though. But now that I'm writing that part, I can't see it really be anyway else. If I go with what was originally planed I feel the story will get generally weaker, but as it is now I'm not being able to fit it without making it seem like just an unplanned thing, making that part a weak link.
@SSJ Rose Nova: the only thing he knows about Rachel is that she's a shiny Pokémon who helped Christine on the night of nightmares. This was what Christine told him around one year before this scene took place, so he doesn't remember the story right now. What he doesn't know is that Christine eventually met Rachel again and that Rachel is downstairs. He meant another Psychic Pokémon who used to be with Christine on her travel through Kanto. More about this on the following comics.