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@SentryBeat: It's always the problem with unfinished work.
@SentryBeat: Later I start using only Pokémon.
Finally been able to write these comics.
Next week there'll be normal updates. The week after won't have updates. The rest of the Summer is uncertain.

Isn't it ironic that I have less free time to work on this while in holidays?
I'm not sure I can finish next week comics, as I'll have a busy weekend :/
@42Meep: The idea is that Magikarp jumped to the fire while trying to get them, but it wasn't very well drawn.
@LKWayvern: In GS/HGSS, when they used radio waves on Gyarados, there was a shiny one.
Let's hope our heros will have such luck, and a shiny Gyarados will save them from that vicious Magikarp.
@yoy56: Who ordered a crazy fire lizard?
@SSJ Rose Nova: We're back in the unreal part of the story (Cilan), right after she fell from the boat. But this part of the story might have been imagined because she got shocked.
@42Meep: It's even more ridiculous on the new games, where things are more proportional.
Dude, you can literally just step over that! Why are you making me go all around the country before I can reach that Pokébal?!!!
@mcslurpi: Which one?
@42Meep: In order to keep his plot armour, he needs to be in the plot :)
@Guest: She's making up the whole "unreal" story for a reason.
@SSJ Rose Nova: Answers next comic ;)
That is the storm that is surrounding the whole of Cilan.
@42Meep: I tried to do this smoothly. I failed terribly.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: I didn't try to hide it. The 'r' is there to make it clear what it was.

Although this story has some comic reliefs, it'll be a dark story.
@42Meep: I can't answer that yet ;)
I know I know... I don't like how this went either, ok? I'm sorry.

Changing it would mean no updates for a while while I rewrite and redraw this...
If you also think it's for the best, I'll just do it, otherwise just cope with this stupidity for a while...
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Although Dedenne is not such a bad idea... I might still change the Pokémon...