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@42Meep: Unfortunately that's her plan...
@Darvin: Kids that age know most of them. Just avoid saying them in front of adults. Of course Christine doesn't care much about it niw.
@Darvin: Ash started at 10... She's starting a bit later. She'll turn 13 until the end of the story though.
@Darvin: 12 :)
@42Meep: It makes it so more fun.
Doesn't look like Christine has a plan other than attacking. Robert won't be taken out so easily.
Uh oh. Looks like Atalaya is bracing herself... Will Speedy's attack be effective? Will that be enough?
I actually meant to be more explicit as to Dora catching the sand, and thus missing the attack...
Robert seems so calm in this battle. He really has everything under his control.
Why is Robert attacking Christine directly? Find out next Wednesday.
Doesn't look like Christine has the situation under control.
I specially like how the fire in panel 5 turned up to be.
Robert is too confident. Will Christine be able to win? Bets are on!
Oooh... Another battle. Neat!
...You might need eight badges.
What's going on, Robert? What are your true intentions?
Robert seems confused. Maybe there was some misunderstanding on what Chrsitine heard?
Oh here's Gar- I mean, Robert.
Indeed Christine never went further than the first grass spot on Route 22. Will she contour the policemen and head towards Viridian Forest, or will she head to Route 23 instead?
Uoh oh. What are these policemen doing?
I like how the alarm clock turned out to be.