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Atticus: *looks directly into the camera*
Upon re-reading the comic, the wordplay really makes me think of The Phantom Tollbooth.
And Hero really seems to be only a hero, now or very nearly. It seems like she's slowly becoming a "rough idea". No name, she's made of "stuff" now, too. "Core design" changing too. No coat, no boots, green shorts.
Heroes wear green. Assok too.

Yo, is "she" that has been mentioned several times earlier in the comic perhaps the creator? "She" got ride of the ferry and ferryman, literally cut Julienne and Melody from the story....
Seems like Hero is changing boots, and (to me) this could be worrying.
The clothes become you, right, but what if you kind of become the clothes? Like, Hero is leaving bits of herself behind if she leaves her boots.
There could also be a lot of other things to do with colour theory, as red is the complimentary colour of green, but also its opposite.
Maybe I'm thinking TOO much, but hrrrm.
I feel so bad for Ushala. She did nothing wrong and yet everyone around her (basically) judges her based on a past life she couldn't control.
As someone with an anxiety disorder and with an older sibling with PTSD, sometimes this is the best. He SHOULD go talk to someone, and reliving those things can help you, or he could likely get some sort of perscription. Admitting and accepted whatever it was that happened is the first step to getting over and living with it more readily.
He's had time to cool, too. Three years-ish since the incident. My brother had to move away from where he had lived prior to having PTSD, but it's been a few years and now he's back, is on meds, and has therapy. Deniz needs to get help or else he'll never move forward, and Muggs is pushing him to do that now.
Maybe she could be more delicate - but she is right.
If he can't even look at kids, that likely means he was killing hybrid kids. :C Even more sad.
I wonder if Harold didn't have magic before he got his hat from the Dark Overlord.
Especially if he knows how hard it is to live without magic.
I'm going to assume Harold's potential lack of (his own) magic has something to do with Wallis' seemingly all powerful magic.
@Darwinskeeper: I think it's less him ACTUALLY being unable to breathe, and more like he FEELS like he can't. It's a pretty normal feeling during anxiety attacks, even though you're getting air just find, it doesn't feel like it's enough.
I don't think mouth to mouth would be good either. If he's still in the past, he could confuse it with being attacked, could hinder his breathing, and I know from my own experience I would not one someone that close to my face, it make it feel even harder to breathe.
Or a secret twin??
Maybe her mama??
Maybe most can't accept the past is gone because they can't give away all their memories. :V
I feeling like Winter is either going to get really mad or cry, but maybe she'll pull something completely out of nowhere.
Page 158 shows the Hitmonchan in the dojo, but other than that the dojo is not shown.
One would assume the must teach at least a little about type advantages in school in the Pokemon world, considering they're such a big part of life.
I seriously can't get over how clever Julienne's name is and her design is great ughuhg
Seems Miss Delia was a real doll. *wink wink*
@Guest: The lady has legs (shown on page 54), however they have ball joints.
Haha! Knew it. Their colour scheme is so alike aaah~!
I'm guessing that the Beast becomes the Hunter in the light of the moon, and seems to chance personalities as well.
Maybe a curse by the Sandman?
The Beast knows of the Hunter, but I wonder if the Hunter knows of the Beast, that he is the Beast...
I think this page is great. I also like how Sabrina looks like herself but not as well. :)
Past life, I'm guessing? The evil looking Assistant could be the one that kept the powers from her reincarnation? Kept Assistant's hat from her, because whomever had it knew she would see the past and wanted her to be ready for it?
Blood magic? Or something else super dangerous? Only reason why I could see why it would be hidden.
Atty and Thad look alike. Maybe it's just the sideburns and the same side piercing, but huh.