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when i was in like middle school i was really active on this site and i made webcomics that were awful and i thought i was the shit. i followed a whole bunch of comics and i loved it. then my family couldnt afford internet for a few years, so obviously i could no longer continue to update. now i work colaboratively on a comic, but its not a serious project. i make lots of art though, like my icon. you can find my work at my tumblr
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January 18th, 2013
@Yuri_girl: wwe need to fix that god awful banner like, ASAP
lmao and probably a cover page would be kewl
how do we colab a cover
January 18th, 2013
wah wah waaaahh
lmao ive already fucked this project up beyond the boundaries of publication worthy so, not to worry. starting my page this week! hope to be done quickly (:
January 15th, 2013
i hear rumor you lucky bitches are getting a page update in the near future!
August 8th, 2012
f yeah confusing but deliciously well executed pages!!
@Yuri_girl: hell yes i love these gays
@Almightyra: maybe she is a wimp, well have to sit tight and find out. she never had dinner though. or maybe the show shes watching iis super boring, and she couldnt figure out sashas fancy ass remote. stay tuned
whew that took a little longer than i expected.
@Yuri_girl: yeah, and weve got more fans than pages which is a good sign.
i cant remember exactly, but you want to go to the manageweb comic thing, under pages, and edit from there. i forget what format you need to add pictures and stuff
c: bro
@Yuri_girl: why a grin?? are you ever so roud of our comic collab skillz??
i also did a sketch for the next page its on tumblaahhh.
and i dont know if you saw, but i made two additional pages for our comic; character profile and about the authors, if you want to start adding
getting there
@Rumiel: you can always favorite it at the intro page thing

till then, ill have to sawp layouts or something >:( thats frustrating
and here it starts to pick up
but these markers were shitty, i bought new ones
last poopy page
i declare the rest decent from here out
i know this looks tragic... but
the art gets better, promise ._.
hold tight
so this was my first contribution to the comic :I
my first few pages are a bit rough, and ill be tweeking as i go along. stay tuned, weve got quite a few pages already finished and lined up, plus plenty of extra goodies <3
congratulations, you may now make out with the criminal
aw its cute i hope you continue
pro tip; you should give it a banner, even if you just clip off a cute comic panel in ms paint
everyone was gay and nothing hurt c':
i cant believe this comic is still running, i used to follow it 45587684 years ago. i look forward to an update c;