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unblock me on MSN please...
a yuri/shojo-ai/lesbian manga is a nice contrast to the large flow of shitty yaoi comics.
also, the dog or cat or whatever can be kinda hard to see...
My mom has been dead for 3 weeks. I'm not really offended either way
Why does this comic suck so much?
When the fuck will so many stupid nerdy otaku teenagers to sadass divorced housewifes stop making goddamn yaoi.
Urban Dead, and your art, suck.
Two of the worst sins possible in webcomics: Sprites and Plagarism
Ok so uh... Let me get this straight... The guy is supposed to... have pee on his hands? And then? The other guy doesn't?
Still horrible.
Yeah, well this comic is automatically horrible since it's a sprite comic. Woo!
Well I got darwinia again. I'm still in containment or whatever the second stage is cause ive played it for like 17 minutes.
Rip-off jokes are really old.
Drawing with mouse is easy. I'm certanly better with tablet, but I was still capable:

Of course they aren't made with paint, but I could easily draw similar quality stuff in it, plus anyone can pirate photoshop or flash.
no, this isn't a family friendly site. This may be a family friendly comic, but this is not a family friendly site. You do not OWN this site.
I hereby declare
That this comic sucks!

Any friend of Mac is not a friend of mine!
Prevent eye rape, use a colorwheel!

Paid for by the Sprite Comics suck association of America.
You put it up on the fucking internet for anyone to read. That means I can read it and rate it whatever I damn well please.
Sprite comics suck! And so does bad photoshopping! awesome. 1'd!