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Hey guys! unfortunately some comics at the moment have either been discontinued or are on a long hiatus. but be sure to read the current updating projects.

Check out the latest comic Avatar: sprouting of the black lotus. my fan sequel to the Avatar: the last air bender series. Also be sure to read constellatius, a collaboration comic, based on our rand group of fantasy characters stuck inside the latest rpg game.
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Send Message bask in his awesomeness, but it's so hard :p
Hey guys, sorry it's been so long, I've been without a working tablet since December. But now I'm back and ready to update :)
Haha better luck next time Ren. and I was also wondering if anyone knew what currency we're using.

I would like to reply to this one but im currently sitting my exams this week and next so it might be a bit until I can reply.
aww some things never change
Sorry for being a little late, that's the last of my characters. I can't wait to get started.

Pandora takes nothing seriously in this game, she is loud and spontaneous, the only time she's quite is when she's about to take a shot. It's her first rpg and she's still trying to understand how everything works. She loves working with other players, but due to not knowing much about the game she has a habit of shooting at everything in sight(and she doesn't have the greatest aim).

Pandora is the oldest of 5 siblings, in a manic household, she spent most of her time looking after her younger siblings as both of her parents spent most of her time working . The combination of needing to pass exams, finding a job, and looking after her family started causing a lot of stress. To try and cope she signed up to this game, as online gamming seems to help some of her friends and family. She just had bad timing , and got stuck in the game with everyone else.
till the 2nd at least would be great I'd like to get another character in.
December 30th, 2011
wow rex got an upgrade! looks so cool
December 30th, 2011
He looks awesome!
edit: Thanks for the feedback. Can I add another character?
Thought I'd take this time to give Thanos an upgrade in design. Can't wait to get this collab going again. do I need to delete Thanos' original character bio?

Class: Dark knight
Section: Altair

Bio: Thanos started the game to kill time and kill monsters. He has little patience for other players, and will only perform a good deed if there’s something in it for him. Despite his short temper, he will put up with anything if it means making himself more powerful in the end.

Thanos wields a two handed sword as a primary weapon, he also uses his spell book to perform resurrection and destruction magic. He will commonly combine the two skills to enchant his sword. unfortunately by diluting his skills into both magic and combat, he is not a master at either despite being a high level, and can complete few quests alone.
Just caught the comic on the front page, I think it's great. So I've faved and I'll keep reading for another 135 stories.
Hey guys sorry for the late update. Lately my time has been focused on my other projects. I've been trying to put together an RPG game, and have signed up to do a golds arts award, both of these things are really eating up my time so sorry guys but updates may be slow for a while.Once it's over I'll make it up with extra posts. Wish me luck.
And that's how varidien forest burnt to the ground:P
@Chrono Z: the fave is appreciated, I hope you enjoy reading.
Don't argue with the fox.
You can't argue with someone that can glare like that... and there are worse punishments than being sent away to save the world.
Don't underestimate the ankle burn move Atty, one day it will come in handy.
Haha awesome end line.should of stopped her from evolving.
Just started reading, love, the comic, i think the style is aweomse :)
late update, but an update none the less :D nothing more annoying than coming home and your sibblings in your room uninvited:P
wow you really know how to make a gripping comic.

Valentine must escape! Don't want to lose him again!