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I love anime and video games, i love to read when i can, and always love to hang out with friends real life and online. I plan to make a comic myself even if its not well drawn.
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This artstyle is co clean man awesome work!
Heh such a noob kid, people have beaten it with a Magikarp and a lv 1 ratatta XD
Lol so it smells like medicine and tea? Thats what my grans house smells like lol
No oak no! I swear all pokemon fear him now
poliwhirl evolved into a poliwrath...with an attitude XD
I love chikarita because its always so underated and people claim how useless of a starter it is, and im doing a heartgold nuzlocke with chikarita and she has been so useful the entire run! Shes so heavy as a tank!
You know, I imagine your original protagonist is hiding on mount silver from oak at this point lol
I think the text in the fourth panel with mewtwo's speech is out of order
@GabrielsThoughts: I think its a brain trauma that may have messed with her perception of certain things that common with head trauma victims where they begin to enjoy or do things they normally would not do before the trauma so im thinking it may be that
please let it be
Let it be gyrados!
Science is fun, it teaches me how to destroy and mess with people XD
...did she just talk?
....i wonder what this scene would have gone down if i didn't say anything about the whole helga thing XD
Oh god XD pervy gods! And @pokesam XDD
the boat sure rocked him

Rocked him like a hurricane


I know it doesnt make sense but i just wanted to say it XD
shes freaking like

"Yea im awesome deal with it" XD
yay you guys are back! I love this comic!
maaaan in all nuzlocke i always expect some pokemon to fall to the elite four, i know this because i lost pokemon against the elite four in my game. I just hope you don't lose anyone here!