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Wait, someone else plays Elite?
I seriously thought I was the only person on earth who knew about that game.
I am a time traveler.
I am a time traveler. I travel through time, forward (according to the arbitrary conventions of our species), at the rate of one second per second. As you read this, you also travel, at the same rate. It is far more difficult to avoid traveling in time, and still more difficult to travel in the other direction. There is no theoretical barrier to traveling forward at a greater rate. In fact, this is potentially a sound investment strategy, if one can avoid incurring any expense in achieving faster time travel. This essay is precisely one hundred words including this note.
Pencils have a place
As a non-artist reader, when I see the pencil-color images, I don't think "eew, lines" or "hmm, pencil"... I mean I'm aware that it's a different process, but what it conveys is a different mood... or maybe a slightly different state of reality. It's great for flights of imagination, trips to alternate worlds, dream sequences, cutaways, etc.
Blind luck. I was fresh out of college, and fresh off a rejection from law school - so I was sending the best resumes I could muster to every company I could find within driving distance. One of them happened to be the (now defunct) Alameda campus of Microprose, and they just happened to be looking for an extra writer.
On Writer's Block
Mark Twain once observed that the best way to make someone stop doing something is to pay them to do it. He said it somewhat more eloquently, but the point was that as soon as we get paid for doing something, we start counting how much it pays - whereas, so long as we're doing it for free, we never count the cost.

I worked as a salaried writer for a video game company after college (lo those many days ago); I remember dealing with writer's block, and ultimately coming to the conclusion that I couldn't afford to let it stop me.

I see that there's a host of suggestions above, so I'll offer another one: don't spend time doubting yourself, ESPECIALLY if you're worried about how little money you get. No one is paying you to doubt yourself. The stuff you were doing for free was what got you the fans you have; more of the same is exactly what we're looking for.
Geek Moment. has way more than you ever wanted to know about colors - basically, yes, a male cat will get red/black color from Mom (who can have both) but white masking genes and other pattern genes can come from Dad. If Maisy and Neko are both white-masking heterozygotes (Neko with a red base explaining his tail stripe, and Maisy both red and black), he could pass the white mask to Keno (explaining his white stripe), and pass no masking to Poe - meanwhile, Maisy could pass red to Keno and black to Poe. All perfectly plausible, even with other variations in the kitten-pile. Also, either Mom, Dad, or kittens may have multiple genomes via chimericism ( ) which is the main culprit of the rare male calico - incidentally, this means the masking that Neko passes to his kids may be utterly unrelated to the masking he exhibits himself, which would explain why Keno's white stripe is essentially the inverse of Neko's. In short, they're a plausible cat-family without any extra daddies.
Is Whitespace Neko still working on getting the syrup out of his fur?
Cats falling from great height
It is true that cats have survived falls from remarkable heights... and thank you for noting that a fall of 2-4 stories (ie. not enough time for the cat to relax) can be highly dangerous. Also, note that a "safe" fall from great height requires a decent place to land.

Of course, our dear Neko is a comic-kitty. I'm sure he'll be fine.
Loving the square-and-circle fan shirt. Nice touch.