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oooh shady stuffs being planned... lol bad teleporter is bad, they dont want to die in a wall today XD
dude, why are you apologizing when they fired on you first? you just let them reap what they sew ya know?
awww houndoom is so cute when he yawns!!
Ghetsis... you're funny! lol smacks his head on the desk.... i got a big lol outta that
ahhh so gengar DOES have a price you could pay him to go back in the rain XD
poor houndoom, this game of chaise has really taken a toll on him
O.o omg, it's a talking egg! lol
wonderful are for 20-30 minutes, especially the fire :)
Del seems... so happy to "take care of" that rustling bush lol love the expression
Jen in panel 2 is hilarious! she may be young, but these trips seem to be doing her some good. :)
ok, i bust out laughing at Kecleon, he hit the nail on the head with more power then a Focus Punch! XD
Kecleon seems to be planning something o_o what kind of prank will the wise ol' reptile pull on the ghostly friend
poor Jen, a little more water and she may very well slip off... on the other hoof, someone seems to be having fun with it
talk about the ultimate way to confuse somebody, turn their thoughts against em
sooo many funny faces this page XD
i love the fish detail with the kettle, nice touch
I must say that I'm particularly in love with the blossoming trees the comic is offering right now :3
O.o wow, for once a Zangoose not being serious. WHEEEE, Yay for zombie pranks!
I like how you have all the same background, yet you can still make out the difference between the massive shadow, the ground and the void behind our fallen hero. :3
@1ce_k1d: yes Bap... that is the sound effect I see right next to purple Kecleon's head, thus my use of Bap, I thought it was funny