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Whoa new shading what is this whooaaaa
Making a comic while taking an art-intensive class might be difficult.

But I'mma try my darndest!
February 12th, 2017
Whuh oh, we got misunderstandings going on now.
Sorry for the sudden break there! I forgot how crappy school gets around winter/finals time.

Regardless, we're hopping into the first chapter!
October 9th, 2016
I was super busy last weekend so I didn't get a page out. But I'm getting back into motion here!
September 22nd, 2016
Edit: Panel 3 still had the curtain down before. Consistency, amirite?
White Light
Hi! If you like kids with superpowers fighting evil while also trying not to fail school, then check out my comic!


"Zeke's a laid-back kid who's hardly ever worked for anything. So when he gets superpowers and has all new responsibilities, it's a bit of a jarring change to say the least. Not to mention he befriends an over-energetic kid who's way too eager to put his life in danger. So it's up to him and Kyle to find out how to control Zeke's powers and save the city from an extra-dimensional disaster. All while trying not to fail school. Oh boy."
@Midnight_Cat: (I know this is months later buuut) I think she means since they're never in a fight, they never get poofed - so they never reform, and all of them look the exact same.
August 8th, 2016
New font!
I think I"m gonna be using my handwriting instead of a font. It's sloppier, but I find it to be more...natural, I guess? I think it fits the style. I dunno.
All right!
I wanted to put a few pages up before making this comic public, and I have reached my goal! Can't believe I got so far in a little over a week. THE POWER OF ENTHUSIASM
Sorry, we have a while to go before any world-ripping - but there's pleeeenty action to come. :P
Here We Go!
Wooh! Excited! I'm actually doing something, and I'm kinda proud of it. LET'S GO.
A month? Psh. I can kill a plant in a week. Maybe a day.

...I apologize to nature.
Maybe he cried because the designs were so just so gorgeous...? :P
I'm sure the ocean appreciates his sacrifice.
Mario isn't playing any games, huh? XD
Oh wow. I thought it'd be a single tear and some sniffles. No, he's a total mess. I feel bad. ;_;
Only in this context would "Here we go!" be the most awesome line ever.

Glad to see you back. :)
...How does that even work.
Clearly you've angered the bread gods.
That's why you never ask, "You and what army," because there most certainly WILL be an army after saying that.

Also, go Mario Bros.! XD