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Cartoonist. Part-time Librarian. Full-time Magical Girl. I'm all about feminism, alternative rock and dessert. Read my comic! :D
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@G.C. Kinsey: Ah! Thank you! It was a bit shaky getting here but I assure you its worth it lol XD
@Almightyra: hopefully it won't come to
@Ai Yoku: omg! You know, I forgot how proud I am of this page! XD thanks #^_^#
@Ai Yoku: omg! I tried to be all wise when writing Morpheus but I ended up channeling my mom. So worth it! XD
The queen's boots scream dominatrix XD
My heart! XD
I'm invested already
I can't tell if this is romantic or not lol plus the first few pages are a juicy story in itself! :D
The Hiatus is Over!
I'm back with a whole new chapter for you guys! I'll be updating Thursdays @ 11am! Tune in :D
omg. I'm in loooove!
End of Issue #1
Yay! Finally made it to the end of the 1st issue/chapter! It's been a crazy year, hopefully you guys will stick around for more this summer. Thanks for reading!
New Cover Art!
I didn't like the original cover art and used this instead! As much as I want to redraw some parts of issue 1, I won't! I can't afford to get caught in the dreaded redrawing cycle I've been hearing about lol
Finally Updated!
Forgive me for this late update! Senior year of college is sucking up all my time! >.<
Juno is adorbs! What a cool design! I love her hair and complexion together! :D
January 4th, 2014
lol! DD's face! >_< I love it! keep going!
Winter Break!
It's that time of year for college students to relax and I'm doing it the best way I know how, by drawing comics lol enjoy!
Two on the same day? I'm on fire! XD
The Prodigal Son Returns...
Been having a productive summer with summer classes, graduate studies applications and what not, folks. If you're still sticking around, thanks. I'll be updating whenever so just keep your eyes peeled! ^_^
And that was a lie...