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@Muix: i have been pretty dead during all this time, not using the internet that much, and roaming around SJ, watching the trend of doing collab sprite comics and art dumps slowly die while the site was mostly turning into an actual page about actual webcomics

@dragonriderjh: no problem lad, im glad to see that my powers to make people's eyes burn are still there inside me
dead? nice
i have nothing else to do in life lol

so how is everyone doing
i have nothing else to do in life lol

so how is everyone doing
party rockers in the hou
@JollyRancher44: well, what can i say

im a very rebel dood
i heard about an artist getting death threats from the fandom of this game for genderbending the dads from the game

anyways, nice drwaing
basically what plasma said
basically if you speak or ask something to a bot in quake 3 arena they might answer
doom is one hell of a game and you must play it

(but of course dont play it if you are very sensible to blood/gore and satanic pentagrams, but you can still kick demons)
@Guest: who are you even
@TheJGamer: basically beacuse this place is dead
i should honestly post my art in other site, since this place is mostly dead

Maybe i will actually do something with my Tumblr, or maybe revive my old deviantArt account
It didnt end up like i wanted it to be buuuuuuuuuut its something, as always
I cant belive i just found out about the Line Tool in SAI

Anyways, remaking this picture beacuse reasons

This is going to be a good one
d-d-double post
help guys i dont know what to do