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numbers are fun!
basically if you speak or ask something to a bot in quake 3 arena they might answer
doom is one hell of a game and you must play it

(but of course dont play it if you are very sensible to blood/gore and satanic pentagrams, but you can still kick demons)
@Guest: who are you even
@TheJGamer: basically beacuse this place is dead
i should honestly post my art in other site, since this place is mostly dead

Maybe i will actually do something with my Tumblr, or maybe revive my old deviantArt account
It didnt end up like i wanted it to be buuuuuuuuuut its something, as always
I cant belive i just found out about the Line Tool in SAI

Anyways, remaking this picture beacuse reasons

This is going to be a good one
d-d-double post
help guys i dont know what to do
@Guest: you are not my mom
i honestly dont know what to do now
yknow what, not gonna release it, even if i just finished it

ask if you are curious to see it
Also, i feel like people will get mad at me when i upload a new drawing

Lets say that my next drawing is a bit... unusual, dont worry, its not porn
a thing it may be ignored thanks to SJ new shitty layout
Do you sometimes regret what you do in the internet?