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hoooweee! back to where I left off with excitement. I was really sad when you ended things before. I can`t wait to see what`s next ^_^
first the power... then the bitches...

I`m totally having fun rereading this again ^_^
@(Guest): more like, What a tweest!
@Artoios: hey fish was an awesome pokemon. what magikarp can claim to have beatne an army of clefaries by himself
@Guesst: yessss give in to the dark side....
damnit i had such high hopes!
@Fan: y'know, that's a fair assumption too, however for some reason, his demeanor and posture does't indicate he's going to be an asshole on the next page, but that's just me
@Kicchu: true technically, rat does hold the element advantage
omg is there a chance he won't be an asshole for once?
prediction time! the ship is going to go all titanic on everyone, atty is going to be THIS close to drown and fish sees him and evolves to save him thus surfing him to safe shore
@Guest: ehhhh i know about that episode. its just funnier to think magikarps sucks so much that they can't even swim. i know magikarps can swim but as evidence was shown. unless james had the most untalented fish in the world, odds are its not uncommon for magikarps to not be able to swim after all remember that we didn't see all of the magikarps, only a small portion of them, 1 and a school of them to be precise. as far as i know.
@The Missingno. Master: well in visitor's defense. it could be the same thing that happened with DT and the bug forest. he made one explode and the others just followed as a chain reaction so he would get the XP from the first one but not the others.
welp, now fish has no choice but to evolve. after all, everyone knows magikarps can't swim lol!( especially based on James magikarp)
@disastermaster: awesome ^-^

also,y'all better not underestimated the fish! he single handedly blew away an army of clefayries and shrugged it off haha! ; )
hey at least now they have privacy ^-^
@MissDomaYuset: dodge bitch! get out the way, get out the way
hehe DT is making her claws. how cute
huho... something jsut cracked...
tsk... almost...
dun dun dun!! what a twist!!