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hi everybody its roy breaking my silence finally. if you follow any of my jh-related accounts on tumblr you may have already seen this but it would be shitty of me not to post it here

first of all i want to say im sorry for worrying so many of you. i received not just quite a few comments on jh itself, but messages here on smackjeeves and on tumblr, all wondering how im doing, hoping for a response, and i answered none of them, so ill understand if youre too angry with me to forgive me. im not expecting you to. but i didnt ignore you because i didnt care; i couldnt get myself to respond because i kind of couldnt believe anybody actually could care. regardless, i want you all to know that i have no words for how deeply i appreciate how much you care about both me and this comic. its difficult to process people telling you that you mean something to them when you, yourself, are convinced of your own worthlessness and failure.

the last four or five months have been some of the worst ive ever had in regards to my mental health. i really dont want to get into the details, but since i sort of fled from jh, things got worse and worse for me; this affected my job performance, and by the end of the year, i learned id been fired from the university at which id been teaching. i cant say i was surprised, since a lot of my mental health issues were exacerbated by that job and i really shouldnt have been teaching when i started the semester in the state that i did. but im saying this just to give you all kind of an update on where ive been and why things have been too bad for me to work on jh or even think about working on it--too bad for me to be able to think about anything having to do with jh.

these tweets are a very brief summary of where i was at the time i made them. things havent changed much for me wrt working on jh at this point. i dont know when ill be able to get back to work on it, but id really like it to be sooner rather than later. i still have a lot that i want to do with jh, and i really dont want to just leave it where it was. this may will be jh's 10th anniversary, which is unbelievable--i know some of you have been reading since, if not the very first page, then within the first year of two of it starting, which is completely unreal to me. ive watched some of you go from talking about being in high school to graduating high school to starting and then graduating college. and its not even a matter of me feeling obligated to keep working on jenny haniver for your sakes, or feeling like i owe something to you; i want to do it because i love it--the world, the characters, everything--and part of why i love it is because so many of you love it enough to have made it a part of your lives.

thats what ive wanted since the beginning: to make something that affects people in a positive way.

and thats why im posting this now. i spent the better part of the end of 2016 feeling like id failed--id failed to keep myself on schedule making jh, id failed to keep it updated, id failed to keep in touch with you, everything else in my personal life was feeling like a failure. but im at a point where, even though ive lost my job and i still dont know what the future holds for my career and for jenny haniver, my mental health is on an upswing. i dont have to go back to a job that makes me want to kill myself. ive moved to a beautiful new apartment. ive made a lot of amazing friends both online and, for the first time in what feels like ever, offline. i live with my best friend and i have two dumbass fat cats who like sitting on me. i found a hobby (d&d) that doesnt require me to sit in front of the computer. i have a lot of things im going to start this year that im really excited about! and even though certain things are fucking scary as hell and the possibility that my mental health could plummet all over again still lingers, i feel so, so much better than i did two months ago. all of this, and knowing that jenny haniver is something that means so much to so many of you, makes me feel for the first time in such a long time like im not a failure.

so, once again, im sorry for just fucking off. i didnt intend to, but that doesnt matter. it scared a lot of you, and probably made you feel like i didnt appreciate your concern. i hit a breaking point and handled it, like so much else in my life, in a bad way, but i dont think im going to do it again. every message and comment i received means so, so much to me.

i still dont know when jh will update again. i want to build my buffer back up to something decent--at least a month's worth of pages--before i start posting again, but i havent started working on anything yet. im healing from a pretty devastating injury. i need more time before i can get back to work. ill keep you posted, though.

thank you so much, for reading this comment, for reading jenny haniver. for everything. its not over, and im as okay as i can be.

-im sorry for the hysterics on monday, everyone. i was in a very bad place, but i shouldnt have acted like that because i know a few people were concerned.
-im feeling better today, but i want you all to be aware that if there are any schedule slips, my mental health has been pretty fragile lately, and itll more than likely be the cause.

i love you guys. i really do.
xoxo roy
happy halloween i hate this fucking holiday and this might be the last jh ever
-with a slight modification to the update schedule! from now until the first week of january 2017, jenny haniver will be updating 3 times per week, on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays. its less! but itll be more consistent, and itll be less hectic for me, and itll also give me more leeway to build things back up, since ive got a LOT of plot stuff in store for 2017. all thatll be kicking off in january.
-until then, were keepin it free n easy, baby
-also! you may want to think of our guest weeks as an interlude before a minor timeskip! the previous arc--the summer tour with crow love--went all summer and beyond, but in comic time, it only took place over the course of about 3 weeks. this page, though, is picking things up right in the present, circa late october. what happened to summer? yall have got imaginations
-anyway, yeah! i just wanted to pop in and let you guys know all of that sorta business. i hope youre looking forward to the next couple of months and beyond, because BOY I SURE AM

i also hope yall like reese shenanigans bc thats gonna be happening. happy monday
xoxo roy
-pretty late page tonight but thats because appropriately enough? i was playing d&d myself
-tonights adventure into the world of Death comes to us c/o tumblr user qhostking! whos made me a very happy nerd on this evening

still hope youre enjoying guest week(s)! luv yall
xoxo roy
-GOOD PEOPLE this extremely in-character canada adventure is brought to you by smackjeeves user will Koolkatt! its good and im glad
-this whole guest page business has been Very Good imho im just gonna come right out and say it. im having a good time. i hope yall are too!!

stay tuned cause theres gonna be more throughout the week!!
xoxo roy
-YALL!! todays guest page comes to us from my good buddy cat rufin! theyre a fellow Comics Wizard, and you can find their art on tumblr at fairywarriors! they do a lot of really great work, and if youre in the boston area, keep an eye out! they make a lot of con appearances and Peddle Their Wares here and there, so go check it out! cats super cool
-more to come next week! im gonna try to drop a little something over the weekend and talk about whats coming up in jhs near future, but if that doesnt happen tomorrow or sunday, itll definitely go down next week. see you then!!

xoxo roy
-sorry this didnt go up last night! im blaming the hurricane
-anyway this hott slice of oliver & brian comes to u straight from my datefriend!!! tumblr user piratejenne, who does a lot of good and cool things that ill spare them the embarrassment of rattling off. Bless Tho
-guest pages will be going up for the next 2 weeks! our guest artists are sicque individuals and i love em and i hope you do too!!!

xoxo roy
-my circumstances are sort of on the dire side and i really, really, really need some time to catch up and this is the only way i can get that without putting JH on hiatus indefinitely, which is like, my absolute nightmare scenario
-info is here! please please please help us all out!

xoxo roy
@Hospitable: my man paid someone to scrawl this in tattoo ink on his person for the rest of time
-YALL signups for guest week are still going on!! one more and well have enough for the minimum 3 pages each week, but yall know a full 5 per week would be more fun! big obvious wink
-heres the google form and heres the info!

xoxo roy
-yo dont forget to submit that google form if you want to participate in guest page week(s)! details here!

luv ya
xoxo roy
-guest week update!! ive gone ahead and made a google form for yall to fill out if you want to contribute! its good
-details are still right over here on tumblr!

keep it rowdy
xoxoxoxo roy
-im looking for fans whod like to contribute guest pages for a couple of weeks in october! click this here link for the details and send me a message either via smackjeeves or tumblr (my url is currently lesbianninetales) if youre interested!
-ill be updating the details post as needed and of course providing updates here as well. hmu tho. im looking for any takers!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo roy!!!!
this page took me like 3 fucking days to complete and its haunted by goblins now

xoxo roy
ghyslaines jack o lantern nervousmouth is a fav thing of mine. just for the record

xoxo roy
-sorry this is up late im not feelin so hot

(frown emoji, gun emoji)
xoxo roy
-UGH sorry this is late again i was having One Heck of a day

xoxo roy
-sorry this is up so late!! i was having some extremely frustrating wifi hardware issues

wish me luck im gonna be prof roy again tomorrow. at 8 fucking am. so like double luck
xoxo roy
-yall have no idea how excited ive been to shove this page in all of ur faces
-look how pretty winter is. ugh

xoxo roy