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I'm a nineteen-year-old lifeguard and full-time student, studying mass communications and english. I swim, kayak, like making music videos, and looking at art and attempting to draw it, but in general it's not very good.
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He's so cute I could just eat him up! OM NOM NOM.
DENIED! How sad, although we all know that won't keep Richard down for long...Henry'll cave, how could he not in the face of pouting Richard?

Grammar Nazi: It should be "THOSE kind of jokes," since jokes is plural.
OH! Color. I forgive you.
I was rereading and all the pages went away! And I was like, AHHH! And then I was like...oh, wait. And then I pouted.
We all know what they say about people with big feet!
That they have a hard time finding shoes!

I feel ya, Tommy. Payless doesn't even HAVE a 10 1/2 section for women. Sigh.
Either Kani is slouching like WHOA, or Ringo is up on his tippy toes in that last panel.

Or both. :D (I'm so easy to please.)

That's so SAD!

But you know what's sadder? I was looking at the new character page, and was like, "Hey, Liam's last name is Crow, and Edward's is Dove, and those are both birds with very different connotations that sort of match the perceptions of the chara-...wait..."

I've been reading this from the beginning, and JUST NOTICED THAT. D:

::is dumb::
Pleeease tell me Haru's doing something stupid, like wearing a nerdy "study outfit" or something. :D
LOLOLOL, Draco's got some guns. Tommy's looking a little scrawny by comparison.

Don't worry, Tommy, I'm sure Dake likes 'em skinny.
Why NOT enjoy drawing Shiratori? He's a total bishie in megane clothing.
PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE! That Haru obviously does not possess. :D
LOL, Haru you are so stealth!! For the Christmas pic...IDK, maybe Haru wrapping himself up as a "Present". A giant, I'm sure, FAIL present. :D
OMG, Delphin is super cute. I want one!

And also, you are like a machine! How do you update so fast without the quality of the art dropping at all?! Color me jealous.

I mean impressed. :D

(I meant jealous.)
I love how Liam is less concerned that he is being treated as an object, and more concerned about the fact that he can't play, too.

Was I ever so innocent?

O_o ...No.
I'm getting the impression that Mom's really the only one who doesn't know that Richard's crazy for Henry.

...Also, "I like it when he struggles." HA! YEAH, he does.
Richard's not about to let the fact that his little brother might be drowning distract him from the man-action. X3
OMG RICHARD'S FACE! Pretty, pretty! ::Molests::
His freckles would drive me crazy, too. X3
Trish is like a foot shorter than Jade. Is Trish really short, or is Jade just super tall? Or both? O_o
Heh, Odile in the last panel is love. It's okay if princey-poo doesn't want you Odile! I'll take care of you! ::pets Odile::