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I am a eevee. My partner is a shinx named Flame, and I like pokemon mystery dungeon. Because that is the world I am in. What.
Third panel: first thought: patty cake! :D
Yeeeeaaahhhh desert! :D
Ba dah ba daaaaaaaahhhh! (legend of zelda)
Ooh, energy ball is a bit like hyper beam. I wanted overkill, however. :P
Aww, I want a gift too... I wonder... is it a sky gift? :D
Only if you ask nicely. Good friend.
Epic last panel is epic.
@kennelofdog: well, quick attack is just boring. :P

@bananakin: but overkill is our frienddddd...
Moves I am thinking of right now:

Tackle, Hyper beam, hidden power, frustration, return, facade.

...I'm a true poke-nerd XD
A "nice" little chat.... yaaah, no.
Yeah, I know who they are! Get them, Luxray! (wait... how did they recover from wigglytuff's attack? Whatever.)
At least you get to miss class.
Looks like there will be a REvolution! (bad puns are almost as bad as bad poetry.)
Bad poetry. Nothing in the world is worse than bad poetry. There is only one thing worse than someone reciting bad poetry, and that is two people reciting bad poetry.
Chickens are amazing. Something was in the food and they should all turn into chickens!
I have a pet cat now! But I lost it... it is grey and is wearing a green collar with a bell. If you see him, please let me know! XD
March 27th, 2013
@WarWithin Well, I technically am a pokemon. :P I guess that they were just having a practice battle that time? Or figured out it was a misunderstanding? Dunno. It's your comic. And reading pokemon is a completely different thing than speaking it XD
@Shard ...oh, firetruck. Wonder if they would be proud or disapointed. Probably disapointed. Zapdos would be a handfull. "OMGmomdadlookatwhatIdrewatschooltoday!" "Just a second..." "lookatitnow!!"