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I into manga, ecchi, anime, few comics, and all that overall. I'm from Upland, California and I have been to many different countries. I have fun with my hobbies and I'll be open to new ones too, not Yaoi though, I'm ok with Yuri but more than taoi, preferably cuz I'm a guy. If you want, you can recommend a manga or anime or even comics it'll be a new adventure for me.
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December 5th, 2013
@Blue Kitty: Isnt that what they say in animes, where the character is climbing onto/over something?
I've been wondering, do Babs and...Mr Babs? count as actual characters?
Well i have to say your art style is simple but it got me to like it. I'd say you've earned another subscriber.
@Luigi_96: You don't NEED a reason to shoot someone. Just look at the Trayvon Martin case.
Aww blushing a Celebi.
November 22nd, 2013
Wait, isn't this that douchebag from before?
I've kinda been wondering, does the top of his head (Hair?) count as an afro?
November 10th, 2013
Is it made with real ingredients or weird ones?
How can i hate someone with great skills? There are many who can draw great and not think of good stories for them. Consider yourself lucky.
And here i thought he was sad.
@Raxki Yamato: Well, wasn't the beginning about a teenager going about his normal school life and then his old childhood friend appears and i lost track from there.
I've been wondering, how the hell did this go from being about a teenager and his social life, to this?
November 4th, 2013
Is she surprised that she sad undies?
@MegaAnimeFreak7 I don't know. I think we only need one gay couple in this story.
Anyone finding it funny that the cone kid can't walk on his own?
Kecleon activated Color Change.
Is it me or does Wigglytuff look ticked off at...something/one
Hahaha, it's exciting how fear can control people.
Did Celebi just use attract?
Hahaha, anyone else noticed the Parappa the Rapper poster?