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Hi my name is Mirror it's my real name and I know it's a dumb one but my mom picked it so blame her ^^. I love animals, and plants to the point were I have 6 dogs and a green house to grow flowers. I'm 5.5 which is a normal height for a girl my age but I'm a BOY so it's embarrassing~_~. I'm half Mexican and half Caucasian and proud of it! I have long black hair that goes to about half way down my back, tan skin, and green hazel eyes(wish they were purple tho) and I wear glasses. I love books, comedy's and anime especially Yaoi/BL those are my favorite! If you want to be friends I would love to ^^.
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And now we wait and see how she will be dealed with once the situation is explained. And hopefully her accomplishes will be discovered and taken down right away to.
Got your weave bitch!!! Lol I know it’s her real hair but weave sounds more fun ^///^.
Sorry Kotori didn’t mean to break your glasses. Your beautiful glasses ^///^.
Oh hell No!? Not only is she calling ME filthy but she’s grabbing my hair!? This bitch going down!
@ZzizzR: but it’s amazing how realistic these pictures are. But I’ll hold out a tiny bit of hope since Tori is alive he might be too....I hope ~.~
@ZzizzR: and now I’m dead inside T~T
And so it begins ^^ finally I can get my hands on her throat! With all the shit she’s pulled we can all agree this was bound and should of happened sooner.
Oh my god!? Is that Jozua??? Uncle Jansons twin brother!? The one we all thought killed him self!???? He’s alive!? Oh my god please tell me he’s alive and I’m not mistaking him for anything character!? Cuz if I am this freak out will seem crazy??? I would love to get to know my Uncle Jozua!
Also in a side note Aunt Sherry looks gorgeous! I love her hair.
The truth is finally coming out and soon Celeste will finally be thrown over board!
In other thoughts I am sooo oblivious these past updates I didn’t even notice Kotori cut his hair! Looks very good he looks nice with either short or long hair, that’s how you know a guy is sexy lol ^///^.
Love what you did with moms dress, hair, and make up looks sooo beautiful!
Well looks like she’s targeting her own cousin now. She will be destroyed!
Aww that’s a cute picture of my secret uncle. Hope I’ll get to know him just as well as Uncle Johnson and Aunt Sherry.
Ooooo Darin looks pretty great in this page. Unlike Celeste. No one likes a hair bun in a formal event unless you got the cheek bones for it.... idk if that’s true Nina just told me that? But I’ll take it if I’m insults Celeste!
I know this is sad but I can’t help but love seeing Josh taking care of Trevor ^///^ he’s so galant lol yah that’s going to be my word for him.
And I’m glad Trevor will stop treating Josh poorly and finally accept his brother fully in his life.
@ZzizzR: lol did you have to remind me when I was so close to forgiving him XD
So terrible but now that Trevor knows the truth he won’t treat Josh like a jerk anymore. Now they can finally become real brothers finally. I’m happy for them ^^. And maybe now I can finally let go completely of my anger for Trevor since I was mostly mad about how he was to Josh.
Oh drama talk over drinks lol. Now that Josh knows Kotori thoughts he’s definitely going to be more guarded.
Darin wasn’t saying he doesn’t like you Trevor just knows you like Kotori just as much.
Drama Bomb going off in 3...2....1..... boom. Lol ^/////^ I’m at the edge of my seat wanting to know what comes next in this conversation.
Awwwww thank you Josh for still considering papa as family despite how he treats you ^////^. Going to reward you later lol.
Yells at them not to yell cuz his mom is asleep... there’s logic there lol...
They really are brothers XD.
When you didn’t know your favorite comic updated and you missed it... shameful lol.
I’m soooo excited for this scene it’s going to be so much drama and romance ^/////^
A gift for you.
Happy Holidays everyone! This is a image curtesy of Alex to wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year. Everyone has been super busy so that’s why comic hasn’t been updating hopefully next year everyone will be more free and you’ll see more updates ^^. Fingers cross. So enjoy this image of Dante holding a gift most likely for Shay lol I wonder what it could be? Knowing him it’s probably something pervy XD.