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Hi my name is Mirror it's my real name and I know it's a dumb one but my mom picked it so blame her ^^. I love animals, and plants to the point were I have 6 dogs and a green house to grow flowers. I'm 5.5 which is a normal height for a girl my age but I'm a BOY so it's embarrassing~_~. I'm half Mexican and half Caucasian and proud of it! I have long black hair that goes to about half way down my back, tan skin, and green hazel eyes(wish they were purple tho) and I wear glasses. I love books, comedy's and anime especially Yaoi/BL those are my favorite! If you want to be friends I would love to ^^.
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Lol so sexy ^////^
Keep up the good work comic is coming nicely ^///^
A gift for you.
Happy Holidays everyone! This is a image curtesy of Alex to wish you all happy holidays and a happy new year. Everyone has been super busy so that’s why comic hasn’t been updating hopefully next year everyone will be more free and you’ll see more updates ^^. Fingers cross. So enjoy this image of Dante holding a gift most likely for Shay lol I wonder what it could be? Knowing him it’s probably something pervy XD.
Shays Delivery Service~
Happy Halloween from all of us! May Shay use his magic to make you immune to being sick from too much candy. Lol looks like Shay is on his way to some where important or maybe someone lol I wonder who that could be ^^?
Tell us also what you’re going as this year! This year I’m going as myself if I was a monster from Monster High. I’m a half Harpy Half Vampire lol Halloween is fun ^^.
A Vision!
Second page uploaded! And here you can see visions of what’s to come in Shays future. Lol one of them doesn’t look so bad XD. But 2 of them look troubling huh? Let us know what you think about Faye’s vision and what it might mean.
And we are back!
Hey guys! This is the comics first official page since we’ve been on hiatus isn’t this exciting ^^! Alex really is a great artist and Riot did a great job with the inking and Bleu did such beautiful colors for the pages. That’s right I said pages! Not only are we posting this page but we’re also posting a second one for your guys patience ^^! Updates will still be random for a while until we get used to the rhythm of things so I hope you guys will still be patient with us ^^.
Now let’s see this page gots. Oh looks like you get a teaser of Shays ex boyfriend and Shays current “Boyfriend” lol XD. But I don’t think that relationship will last I mean how can “Jacob” compete with the Semes Shay met lol. If you can guess where Jacob name came from your awesome lol.
Riot also made the comic a website! Isn’t that cool!? There you can also read the comic and vote on polls too so check it out:
We are reopening the poll on who meets Shay first to ask him to hang out. I know Lucien won last time but it’s been a while and we got some new fans so we thought opening it would be good.
As always leave a comment down below and tell us what you think ^^! Feels nice to post a page lol.
Here is a image RiotRiot drew to first introduce himself ^^. Awww look at how cute the semes are as chibis hanging on Shay ^////^ Riot is really talented isn’t he? Sooo cute ^///^. Riot is our new line artist like I said in the last post ^^. But don’t worry I’m sure he’ll draw more great images I’m sure ^^!? So please give a warm welcome to Riot!
Thank you so much!!!
Oh wow everyone first of all I want to thank you guys for sticking with the comic even though we have been on haitus and thank you to the new readers for favoriting us. Oh my god 700 fans! That’s amazing!!! Again thank you all for the support!
Yah we know you want to be where we are right now XD. This image was originally was going to be a surprise image to let you guys know we’re back with new friends but with reaching 700 fans we thought to use it as a thank you and to let you know expect to see us soon!
We are at the strip club to celebrate not only 700 fans but to introduce our new colorist Bleu! Bleu has joined our team as our colorer so that all the comic pages can be in color. Let’s all Welcome Bleu to the team! I love her coloring style!
We also got a new linest named RiotRiot who will do the line art. Riot.... isn’t into the club scene so he’s not with us. Unless that’s him in the back throwing bills at Lucien XD.... I’m kidding don’t kill me Riot 0.0!?
And Alex has become the comics lead artist and a very talented one. I mean look at this strip club!? If you’re wondering why Baine is the lead stripper it’s because he’s Alex favorite ^///^.
Expect to hear from us soon everyone! We are working on the comic don’t worry!
Now back to the hot wolf guys X/////X
Hey everyone it’s us! Here to tell you 2 things! Enjoy this celebratory image curtesy of my partner @ajlozano! Lol look an Shay as a flirty Easter bunny ^///^ who wants to bet a few wolves are hunting this rabbit down lol.
1. Happy Easter! We hope you’ll have a great Easter Sunday and hunt for eggs, spend time with family, and eat tons of candy lol. That’s what I look forward to, eating peeps and instantly regretting it after I eat too much lol.
And lastly!
2. Stay tuned next Friday for big surprises ^^!
Awww look at these puppies! Soooo cute!!! Good job Alex!!! Lol hope you all love it too ^^.
We're still alive!!!!
Hey guys it's me Mirror. I know it has been awhile since we last posted but we're still alive and stronger than ever!!! Now I'm still looking for an artist to replace King T~T, but we have a new member of the Choice of Seme team! Meet Alex, they are helping the comic as the comics colorer. So when we do get a new lead artist hopefully this will help lighten their load ^^.
So say hi Alex and introduce yourself! And everyone I hope you'll give them a nice warm welcome ^^!
Also if any of you are artist or know a really good artist I hope you guys will consider/recommend helping us out. I hope I'm not the only one who wants to see all our hot semes completely naked lol.
And here is a link to Alex own comic guys I hope you'll check it out:
And a link to their Tumblr check it out:

Let's all hope a great artist will hopefully join us now ^^.
@Jun_kurokawa: all help is appreciated ^^. If your interested you can always send a pm of your work.
@plushtrap: lol not far ^^'. Turns out not a lot of talented artist want to work for free. I'm sad cuz I really want the comic to continue.
He's pretty hot lol I kinda want them to date but the other guy is hot too. Choices choices lol.
@thechaitachi: any help is welcomed here ^^! If you ever want to help out just let me know ^^.
@Guest: Hello Avi! Thank you for offering your help and I would love to discuss this with you further ^^! You can either PM if you'd like or you can email me at
I look forward to hearing from you!
P.s. Sorry it took so long to get back to your post ^^'.
Hey guys I have some really sad news.
So King finally got back to me yesterday and sadly it looks like he's too busy to work on this and his other comics. So he will have to drop them so he can focus on school T~T. Another thing school ruined! So sadly updates on the comic will be postponed until I find a replacement artist to replace King. Which will be difficult because Kings art is amazing T~T.
I wish I could draw so I could have helped with more of the hard work. So I hope you guys won't be too upset with us.
BUT! This Comic is not over to me! I will look for a artist/artists to fill Kings place so the comic will live on!
But until then the comic will be on hiatus until a new artist is found.
And since that may be a while I will let you all know now who the winner of the latest poll was...
Hopefully a new artist will help out with the comic so you guys can see the scene we had planned with Semes.
Also wish King luck please it's not his fault he has to drop the comic some times life happens.
P.S If your a artist or knows one as good as King please PM if you are interested in being the artist of the comic ^^.

We love you guys T~T!
@Kaya: King has been ugh un reachable? I'll let you guys know when I reach him.
@M-24: What I do is I check what the arcana represents and based on the persons personality to choose a arcana.
@Blackchick: lol this is the perfect breakfast talk XD

@Nekomata99: you just read a say in the life of Shay and Faye lol.
His belt isn't tied?
Hey guys it's page 4 and here we have the first appearance of Shays boss/mentor/friend Faye! As you can see Faye uses her gifts to get other things XD, frankly who wouldn't want to use your psychic powers to get with a hot person XD we all have needs. She doesn't do this with every widow just the ones she finds attractive.. and if she's in the mood lol my characters the same way except with out the powers. Faye needs to get properly dressed she's not wearing any shoes, which is fine if you own the shop lol.