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love to draw, favorite artist, George Perez, Herge. Big Hendrix fan
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    Tony Lorenz
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funny as always
another good one, nice layout and the pencils are tight, one thing though, I'm not sure what's going on in the small first panel.
funny as always, love it!!!
keep them coming another good one.
good one....
another good one.
another fine strip, nice dynamic layout.
I'm loving the story line, the art is a lot tighter and clearer than the last strip, great job.
@Jim Johnston: thanks Jim
I can see the format comparson to Gil Kane's "BlackMark" which I really enjoyed. I am enjoying this strip, it's engaging and different.
now this is what I'm talking about, more artwork, great job.
you've got a nice unique style, a little too many word, really takes away from the nice artwork, but I am enjoying the story.
great act, that tells the story, nice colors too.
I'm enjoying the strip, the only feedback I can give is the pencils are a little too light,great flow to the art though
Jim thanks for all your comments and feedback, I really appreciate it. The Sniper strip along with all the other strips are for "all ages"
thanks for the feedback, the female police officer is loosely based on my wife. You'll see here through out the series. And thanks for noticing the details, that comes from being a huge George Perez fan and friend.
I don't know if I believe what your saying about the 49er's, they are a pretty darn good team, not saying I'm a fan of there's, but I do aggree about the home field atvantage, go Hawks.
very interesting, not like any other strip TL