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I am not a banana irl. I am a human being that likes to read comics online. cowabunga!
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You only train dragon pokemon in gen 1? So, you only catch and train the dragonite line.
Rat seriously, stop putting down atty
Officer Jenny doesn't have a whole lot going on upstairs.
Yooo the squirtle squad
I love the season 1 love!
I really wanna know what the picture is on the back of the cigarette pack above "SMOKING KILLS YOU"

Happy Birthday, here's five fireballs up as a gift!
Jesus Christ Thad it's a mineral.
Alright start placing your bets. I say it's going to be a huge Fire Blast!
For a guy who wants nothing to do with pokes. He sure has a way of coming across the rarest ones. First Pokemon he saw in the viridian forest was pikachu. And now a clefairy, you have a 1% chance of seeing that!
Oh jeez not this old song and dance...
Yupp he's definitely getting offered a magikarp.
oooh yeah this is the magikarp salesman.
His face is just full of teenage angst in the first panel.
Also it's funny when atticus' drawing is more detailed than the real thing.
Wait the picture atticus is drawing has a nurse joy in it. But nurse joy is also right next to him holding his pokeballs. Are two nurse joys in one place?
Is there a rating above five stars? Because this deserve so much more. yes yes yes yes yes yes!
Oh come on I want to see her reaction so badly!!!
God dammit george!