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Nah it's alright for someone who quit for a while.
The wings look rather neat though I do have to say they look more puffy then energy atm.

Probably because you them look physical with the shading/outline on the edges.

Though i'm not sure how you'd fix that without overhauling the entire thing asdfghjkl;... yeah I haven't been in the spriting world since forever just recently got a interest again.
Certainly looks interesting, like alot of the works around here.

Not sure what to think of the lighting though, i'm sure it's a design choice so it's a interesting thing.
wooo achievement unlocked
oh mai gawd.

I always wondered wut it looked like!... owait I didn't.
someone is on very bad drugs. guys... are crazy, I swear..
I swear, if you say SD, I will eat your hats
You forgot the ability crazy berserk form, aka ringless <<
As if you could do any better with comics.

And you're just jealous he has one, so get a life, and stop bugging people with this crap.

Also, you'd do well learning some english before speaking it on the world wide web.

So you GTFO plz
don't caer if its a suprise tell meh
Whos not found? santa?
I got such a urge to complain a mile away..

As Awesomecrap stated blood sux, well with sonic chars it does tho.
And it only works with srs business not with randomness crap k?

But w/e not my comic, nor my problem
Ofcourse, thats why mods are mods, to be blamed.

And wooo I haz 2 seconds screentime!
Wow, its still as dead as before geesh..

Nobody does a crud even with the new authors, lawl..
People shouldn't bother joining this anymore.
Its dead, overused ideas will only pop-up.
and it got boring anyways.

Plus some bad ownerz.
Srsly, complain that authors should update while owners don't do a crap either <<

Naruto is hated lol
kthnxbai! *leavez*
He does Rei, he does..