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you know I just realized in the many years I've read this...where's blizzard man? was he not invited? or was there a more pressing ski tourney that was on the same day?
What, you don't carry around a crystal with 3 other friends saying your going to vanquish the forces of evil through the lands?

In all serious though, Im sure the dwarves have known that this day would come thanks to a fellow dwarven sage that is not supposed to be mentioned yet cause first major boss is not dead yet. Oh shoot am I sequence breaking the comic?! uhh...*neutralizer* ...and that's why we don't pet the elephants.
aww...they miss him.
oh hey...its manly tails. Haven't seen that sprite in awhile.
Snow back to a normal life? I doubt it. Nothing is normal with him.
That's it?! it can't be it! There is so much more that needs to be done!
This won't be the last of him. The actual main quest is about to begin! There will be an excuse!
Glad to have you back!
twas a matter of time...or will it be?
well that's good. Hopefully they will remember to backtrack and get everything else that the key can open.
crap, he's staring right at us, hide!
And all was merry for a time...then the plot came along.
im sure he has a plan...
Yes, let's see where this goes from here...
I knew it! she took the last cookie!
Here's hoping its tomorrow that they act regal.
Oh come now, save some bowing for the others otherwise there'll be none left by the time Snow and them get there.
Snow in a harem? hmm...
If there's one thing that hasn't changed, its Dr. Light and his drunk shenanigans.