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@Merone: What's next a Red Mage with 9th Level Spells? Such a silly thought.
What luck! Snow has auto-life.
well it is just a jog away...course after that they will most certainly need it.
its only an excuse if you are down a mage with no spells and nowhere near the priest who revives them for a nominal fee.
Looking forward to see what you do.
I can get behind that. its funny and sounds like something she would say.
dang, that sudden art change.
Oh boy another fire fight!Looks like tis gonna be a hot one...
oh hey, its back. neat.
Must have fed him a tonic or something...that or she punched him awake.
@Merone: or a Snowy Ghost. you never know what goes on when you sorta die.
It seems he is still alive. that or having an out of body experience.
Ooh he's gonna feel that when he gets revived. that's for sure. Their wallets will probably feel it as well.
I wonder what he took the form of?
February 21st, 2017
Death magic?! EL GASPTH?!?! What will happen next?
Woo! crazy update time!
its all good. Also, what a twist?! so what does this mean for everyone? will Snow now betray the party?! will he leap into a pool of tomato soup? will he help loot the body? tune in next time on FF0!!!
huh...Im shocked that actually worked. here's hoping they remember the eye.
Woah Snow. dang man chill he ain't undead. just semi-dying. huge difference. let the others take some shots first.
December 29th, 2016
here's hoping for that rare boss drop. it could be a game changer!