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Why not spawn a Cardboard crate filled with items. Flip a coin, heads, it explode. Tails, 2 flimsy spinners that can be tossed and flip when made contact with a character pop out with a light blade.
yeha kinda important in the given situation.
you need a ruby stone to pass. hope she has one. interesting. She's a diviner...
that's a very good question.
well, its a nice thought. I mean, the white mage in the original FF lore is female so it kinda makes sense. Can't await for the next page.
The old man with a staff? she really wants there to be a no win situation. That or she has her own beef with The Lich and wants to renegotiate the terms.
...MOM?! ok, this raises soooooo many more questions than it should. I mean, I still like to think I know what is going to happen, but dang!
Wow, this is a big ploy if I ever felt it. I know what's going to happen, but the how is what i'm wondering.
She wants the honor of doing this. Its like if ol'yeller was a human at one point and then got turned into a vampire. Its probably her friend, so she wants to end the curse or something. that or she doesn't want them getting bitten cause they aren't that good at fighting.
Quick cast Diaga! ...wait, no white mage. Well then burn it all to the ground!
Oh no, its worse than we thought. Mary used to apart of that Vampire's Masquerade!You can fit a lot of issues into one of those. Its probably why she's so mad too.
can't help but feel these two know each other a little more than we do. I doubt Mary will share so we'll have to get perspective from the vampire.
bleh, its a vampire!
They must not have taken a bath in days if the smell that bad.
now im curious too. what kind of training did she have that she can do that?
every 2 steps...good for grinding, bad for the item bag.
ohh so they're down that part. Let the grind begin!
gotta go easy on those superhero landings. Not good for the knee joints.