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Here's hoping its tomorrow that they act regal.
Oh come now, save some bowing for the others otherwise there'll be none left by the time Snow and them get there.
Snow in a harem? hmm...
If there's one thing that hasn't changed, its Dr. Light and his drunk shenanigans.
The simple answer is with a magic lock pick.
To be fair, I think anyone would be afraid of someone who can knock people back down and bring them back to life with that face.
If only that were really the case...
@Merone: If that's the case, I am excited!!! Course I will miss Snow, but hey! Snazzy dressed red mage with charm and flair is a good trade.
he could always ask for an extension to be alongside him. After all, the world is at peril. they need as many heroes as they can get.
He can't go anywhere just yet. There's adventure afoot!
@Merone: What's next a Red Mage with 9th Level Spells? Such a silly thought.
What luck! Snow has auto-life.
well it is just a jog away...course after that they will most certainly need it.
its only an excuse if you are down a mage with no spells and nowhere near the priest who revives them for a nominal fee.
Looking forward to see what you do.
I can get behind that. its funny and sounds like something she would say.
dang, that sudden art change.
Oh boy another fire fight!Looks like tis gonna be a hot one...
oh hey, its back. neat.