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he is not happy.
Something tells me they could pawn it off for a few hundred gold...
but what about those not about to die? Surely someone will call them out while hacking up a lung.
Woo Water Crystal! Wait, this is about earth...dangit!
ya know, for a moment, I thought he morphed into green biker dude.
And not just any ham...Evil Ham.
Interesting concept.
I'm glad this was put up and I read it. you did a good job telling the story.
someone must have hit a lot of skunks on that island...probably why there aren't any skunks there either.
Something is telling me that Mary can't take the positive vibe. To her it must be so sweet her teeth are rotting right now.
Well, at least protoman didn't get cut in two again. Though his legs might need repair.
Oh this ending does so many things. On one hand, I sense a meat shield ploy and that the sacrifice is not whom our hunter thinks. on the other it could be read straight forward and begin a battle of great proportions. know as nice as the green hair dude is one twisted look at his dialogue and it sounds almost like a future sigma.
oho! suddenly the curtain has been pulled up! Now that leaves the question, where has Bass been in all of this?
Make way for Kung-fu Cutman!!!
you never know...heroes come in the most unlikely of places.
well the logical thing to do is hire a druid and stop salting the earth...but that class isn't in FF1 so I guess we gotta kill something to make everything better.
Well that's a shame...then again the only one who could do decent damage was frank with his Juice buster, but not even he could take on all 5. Oh let's see what goes down in this next round.
well, I did not see that coming at all.
yep typical reaction to playing with that kind of boom powder.