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Kaitou Sakuya
Just a fujoshi who's been a friend of Ash's (a.k.a. angel2anime) for many years now (since '07/'08?). I help her with TYPESETTING her comics only.

I do not have Photoshop and am new-ish to this kind of thing, so the pages won't have as good a quality and as clean as those from more experienced scanlation groups. The program I use is Photoscape X (for Windows only). I have left some of her original writing intact so as to not mess up the background (unless she fixes it).

Did you know? August 1st is Yaoi Day in Japan~ 8 = "ya" + 0 (number) = "o" (letter) + 1 = "i" ~ "yaoi"

P.S. If there is anyone who wants/needs a(n) [amateur] typesetter for their comics, feel free to message me (I'm happy to help)~
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    Kai or Saku
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~Happy Yaoi Day~
Hi, everyone. Just wanted to let you know that Ash has done the next page and should be up soon (sorry, don't know when exactly).

And today is Yaoi Day! XD
I Can't Think of a Title
Just wanna say congrats to my friend on reaching 1,000 fans~ <3 Thanks to all of you fans for supporting this comic!