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Barb Tail
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I saw this web comic's promo on the Smack Jeeves home page and decided to check it out. I'm certainly glad I did! The premise, art, layouts, character design, plotting and
dialogue are all first rate. Sadly, I'm up to speed and have to wait for more episodes. I've bookmarked this strip and the best of luck with it.
I just found this comic on the Smack Jeeves site, read up to present and I'm already intrigued as to where this is going. I'm liking the anime style of art and the work is well done.I'm always interested in things supernatural and this strip fills the bill quite neatly. I've bookmarked it and am looking forward to future episodes. Good luck with it.
Looks like Shirleen's going to have to teach Jock Le Strappe there some good ol' Western manners. You don't mess with Cowgirls, tenderfoot (or should that be tenderhoof?).
Good to see Merceneiress back in action. I followed the first edition to the end and was sorry to see it go. I'm looking forward to more of Tirin's adventures; both of her. :D
Grandma's a real ray of sunshine, isn't she? She needs a smack in the kisser just on principle.
Bank Collectors
"Hello, Mr. Smith? This is Ms. Foxx calling from First and Last Bank. You're two months behind in your loan payment, sir. If you don't pay within the next three hours I'm authorized to come to your house and EAT YOUR FACE! You will? Fine. Thank you. Goodbye."
That is an inane and stupid observation. Someone like that isn't being judgmental, they're just clueless.

I've been told I swagger when I walk. I guess expressing confidence in who you are is somehow worthy of comment. Whatever.