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I'm a 16 year old redneck. Sister of Li_Kurama. She's the more sane one of the family. And tends to council to mine and the rest of the families problems.

Well lets get back to me. I'm engaged to a 18 year old city boy. Don't tell me that i don't know what love is... or Li_Kurama with her exploding coconuts of doom.

I'm just starting to make my own comics and it may be a couple weeks before I get one up. Just bare with me.

thanks for Stopoing my
=^-^= Rae_Sage =^-^=
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February 6th, 2008
good luck
congrats on the new computer and good luck finding the cds.
your back yay!
February 6th, 2008
i like helping make people where they don't know what to say.
i knows
kicking his ass and showing him that he is the weakling and tieing him up for show and tell
i agree
if other blacks call their friends niggas it isn't the same as calling them a nigger. but if i white person says nigga they are accused for calling the person a nigger. stupid double standards.
Amber is being a hooker... her outfit makes her look like one and now she's trying to get tabitha arested. hooker!
gail got her back
Amber just did a coward move. hitting gail when she wasn't looking. thats an act of a coward.
i can see the pinstripes. not sure if anyone else can
Happy birthday