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Erik Warhammer
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This is the Plan that fails.

You don't see the plan that works til it happens.
Well... Nothing can be TRULY destroyed. Something would survive the cataclysm.

how many times are you going to repeat that?

I think this is what, the 4th time now?
Okay, what the F**k?
That "Wait, a F**king second!" moment.
"Bending till broken."
And now, does she see the futility in her actions. To see the world outside yet bound to the chains she can not break.

I wonder how long until she resigns herself to inaction, and apathy?
"Meh, kinda feel like it."
"But mostly, to spite you."
"You little sh*t."
Do they live?! or do they Die?!
Welp, they're dead.
Oh Ho ho ho! Are we going to see a child death?


(I am WAY to exited for that...¬_¬')
Erik Warhammer
February 28th, 2018
@Shard: Cue evil laugh?
Erik Warhammer
February 27th, 2018
"feels punch" in...
Yep, she is SO dead.
...and the hand of fate said, "HA! No."
By the Emporer, I DARE ALL!
@Shard: Kéy and Dark (due to proximity) and maybe Niv afterwards... or at least try to before being "sent off". After awhile of being stuck in "Letter 7" for awhile, Két maaaaay have lost her patience by the time she finds Niv.

...Let's not forget "World 14" after all, and Letter 7 is not a "good place" for her.
Two people are going to die here. I can only guess who.
Famous last words...

Also include: "What could possibly go wrong?"
Best. Tec-support. EVER.
Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. hardest So far(?)
@Shard: ...What did you eat?