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Kitty Face Studios
I'm a 21 year old illustrator, and it is my dream to one day make a living off my comics. In the meantime, I greatly enjoy sharing them with you.
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Well, I've successfully moved in, it's true; however, I seem to have forgotten that one needs to unpack and set things up after moving, hence why there was no page last week. But, things are a bit more stable, and they shall only continue in an upward trend!

By the way, I'll be trying out some new stuff with the next page, so it may not be uploaded until the following Wednesday after the next one, but we'll see!
Huzzah, I've moved in to my new place! Still no desk to work at yet, but still, updates should be a lot more consistent from now on.
Ugh, the past couple weeks have been ridiculous. Between family visiting and things at work, I had no time to work on the comic. But, I have some vacation days coming up, and what's more relaxing than making comics? (Probably a lot of things, but never mind that!)

See you next Wednesday!
That's about 18 miles, by the way.

See you next Wednesday!
This may seem like a boring page, but it isn't. It's I'm sure the next page will be more interesting!

See you next Wednesday!
The cat's name is Carla, by the way.

See you next Wednesday!
Page 3:8
At last, my triumphant return! I shan't bore anyone with the details of my absence, but I was working on new material while I was away. So, this means that I have a buffer now, which means I can finally have a regular update schedule! Yay!

Check back next Wednesday, and every Wednesday after that, for new pages!
Base colors for now, again. Sorry about all the delays, my health doesn't always make things easy for me. But yeah, final colors should be up later this week, and I'm hopeful the next page will be completed and on time! :3
Just the base colors for now, I'll update this with the finished colors later this week.
Been a couple of months, but to be fair, I had to completely rewrite this chapter. It's much better now. And, I hope to stick to a Monday update schedule from now on. So let's see where this goes! :3
Wow it's been awhile. Ugh. The good news is, I'm gainfully employed, so I don't have to worry about starving to death. So hopefully I'll have more time for comics. We'll see. Tremendous thanks to anyone who still reads this, you guys are awesome and you have my undying love and affections. :3
An update! Sorry it's been so long, I've been going through some difficult financial problems, so working on the comic has had to take a backseat. I hope to have more time soon to devote to this, but it'll probably remain sporadic for at least another month. Hopefully there'll be another new page soon.
Wow, it has been awhile. I blame the carpal tunnel. Oh well, hopefully there'll be another new page next Friday!
Kitty Face Studios
November 11th, 2014
I love this! The cropping really accentuates how uncomfortable she is. The details are also nice, I love her little scars and grimy feet.
Man, smackjeeves has been really glitchy for me the past few days. Every time I went to upload this page, it would just stop working. Not cool smackjeeves.
Anyways, next page we'll get introduced to Jamie! And lots of other new characters! It's a packed chapter. I think the next page will probably be up by next Monday. If not, it might be because smackjeeves is throwing another tantrum. I guess we'll find out!
Anyone else grow up on reruns of The Brady Bunch on Nick at Night? I actually remembered the name of the actress who played Alice. I'm terrible at remembering actors' names! But that's neither here nor there. New chapter! I'm excited, because I can draw Earth backgrounds, and really odd looking people! It's a pretty exciting time for me. Anyways, there'll be a new page on Friday, and hopefully by then I'll be able to give you guys an idea of when the page after that will be done.
Wow, it's been awhile. Well, I'm finally all moved in at my new place, classes are going smoothly, and uh...can't think of a third right now, very sleepy. The point being, I expect to be updating much more frequently henceforth. So, expect a chapter cover happening sometime in the next week or so. Oh, and happy Rape and Pillage Day! Or, as it's more commonly referred to, Columbus Day.
There it is, last page of the chapter! Phew, took long enough. Stay tuned for more!
New page! And we finally see Damien out of that terrible uniform. And the next page is the last page of this chapter, which means I don't have to draw Hell anymore! I can draw trees again!! After the next page, that is...sigh, I guess I'm off to draw it now. So close!
Hopefully the next page will be up next week, but I'm not sure. I'm moving next Monday, so that'll be a big to-do. I'll try to finish the page, but we'll see. Keep your fingers crossed! :3
Oof, it has been awhile. Went to Ohio to visit my mother, who happens to have no internet whatsoever. But I at least had some time to work on comic pages. The next one will be up in the next week or so. I'll be moving come September, so there might be a bit of a delay around then, but hopefully not for too long. Anyways, enjoy the playful banter!