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Hey there folks. I enjoy making comics from time to time. I enjoy text adventures, LucasArts and Sierra adventure games, entertaining music, a good book, and snazzy artwork. I am also tremendously egotistic. High five!
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bbbbbbbbrp it's been like 6+ months.
This is a seriously terrible, terrible way to end. Hopefully it isn't the end. Stay tuned, if there's anyone still there.
That was the line that really made it for me
Oh yeah
Two year anniversary, wup wup
if Frank was allowed to comment I'm not sure if he'd have anything bad to say on this story so far
Dlargh you're right! Quick, let's forget this ever happened
I'm unsure of how to respond to this. Besides you misunderstanding our intent, I am confused by your opinion that we are somehow ripping people off. How? We're not trying to pass off other people's art as our own. We're making no money. We aren't even trying to entertain anyone besides ourselves. And, just a pet peeve here, did you even check to see if we do 'make our own art'? Another person criticized this comic, insinuating we had no talent. Where the fuck does this come from? It's really disappointing to put effort into comics and then have people judge you by the one you put the least effort into. It's extraordinarily disappointing.
Still, thanks for the comment
Just saw Bolt, it was alright
It was no American Dog, though
we missed a few
Whitington, sometimes I don't get parts of your comics. In this case: how complicated was the making of this one that you needed 2 different fonts?
we upload way ahead of schedule
So this was made in February when those audio clips were still new finds. Don't worry, by the time you read this it'll be as dated as any other topical joke in NTI is already
Aaah! What's with all the Skeletal Lamping hate? Why am I one of the only people I know who doesn't hate Skeletal Lamping daragahdaafgfafrgaf
I've wanted #7 ever since I heard that tribute song, yo. And was completely not expecting it to be referenced here
Is he a communist, a communist daughter, standing on the seaweed water?
the title used to be "Chris Tucker should have his own sitcom except that the character of Chris Tucker should be played by Chris Rock and Chris Tucker plays Robin Williams" but it stretched out the menu so I've shortened it
This is the caption my mind sees whenever I see any picture of Claudia Gonson ever
Couple of comics for a friend's character..
But then the friend who DID like the comedian one didn't get this one! Boy oh boy the wacky mishaps I get into
Fun game: find the panel that was easiest to draw!