Hello there! My name is Syogren, though you may have already known that already. I have not been active on this site lately, but expect that to change once I get some RL stuff squared away.

So yeah, I generally consider myself a nice, if somewhat clueless, individual, and as such I'm always up for meeting new people on here. No need to feel intimidated! I don't bite...much.


discord: Syogren#9876
imgur: syogren
skype: muddy.katon
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Looks good to me...I think?

Honestly, I wish I could offer advice, critique, all that. But man I cannot genesis style for the life of me.

Wish you the best of luck! Hope someone with more experience with the genesis style can help you out!
@Ren Fowl: Oh cool, I'm not crazy!
I think it might actually look the best if you averaged out the sprites. As it stands, the top one has its yellows follow a more natural progression, at the cost of lack of contrast. On the other hand, the yellows on the bottom have much better contrast, at the cost of the shading jumping significantly from the third darkest shade to the second darkest shade.

...there's five shades of yellow, right? I'm seeing that right, right? My eyes aren't playing tricks on me, right? If there aren't, whoop, my bad.

But yeah averaging them out should get you the best of both worlds. At least I think.

Yeah that's sort of what I thought it would look like. There's like a 90% chance I inadvertently increased the number of colors on your palate by a bazillion and six (since I didn't check to see if the sprites were actually shaded differently oopsie daisies) but you get the general idea.


I like how the rest of the sprite looks, so I'm kind of stuck either b*tching about the yellow or saying nothing at all. So there it is.

Oh and uh, the blue/purple/gray on his shirt looks kinda off too, but I'm not sure why or how to fix it. It's not a big deal though.
Oh wow okay this sheet expanded a bazillion times since I last saw it.

I approve, yes, good, very good.
asdgajkshgjkshdgkjlashegukshdgilks OMG this is so cool
👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
June 25th, 2017
Man, whoever lives there really let the place go.
You know, despite all the time I've known you, I don't think I've actually read any of your old Solo Comics, so I actually don't know much of your usual stuff.

So this is gonna be fun! Good luck! Prove Kwane wrong!~
I can't believe everyone's f**king dead.
You missed a perfectly good opportunity to have one of them dab.
October 18th, 2016
October 18th, 2016
Oh come on, everyone knows it's only fashionably late when you're three hours past the deadline! what I tell my friends when I don't show up to parties on time.
October 18th, 2016
You should not hold maps upside down, it doesn't help.

...wait, what do you mean it's been right side up?
October 18th, 2016

Unless it's about your tax returns. Ignore those.
October 18th, 2016
I'll be holding you to that promise...
October 18th, 2016

wait nevermind I'm allergic

I have about six pages done for this comic so far, but I'm planning on saving up until I get the first chapter done. Then I'll start posting them about once a week, as there's just no way I'll be able to get them out faster than that. How does that sound? Any suggestions on what could help me make comics faster?