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Hey there! I'm Syogren, formerly Muddykip64. I also go by Syo, but I'll respond to anything. Poopy Pants, Sonic Adventure 2 Dickriding Association CEO, Kirbyholic, Casual Scum...anything.

I have a webcomic on the way known as "Heart of Crystal", which is basically a reboot of "Starlo Adventures" and "Wrath of Piky" combined. Woo.

I'm also working on the Sonic 4Shades Advance Project, an unnamed color pallet project, and a confidential thing. Oooo, mysterious...

I'm into webcomics (duh), sprites, math, programming, animation, interface & color design, video games, anime, and much more. I'm mostly into Sonic, Kirby, and Neptunia, with a smidge of Pokemon for good measure. My favorite games of all time are Sonic Adventure 2 and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

I'm always up for meeting new people on here, so no need to feel intimidated! I don't bite...much.

Discord: Syogren#9876
Skype: muddy.katon
Steam/Twitch/Reddit/Wii U: Syogren
Imgur: syogren
Twitter: @Syogreninja
3DS: 1032-1642-1227
Switch: [to fill out later]
PS3: ^
PS4: ^
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> Implying we have the power to kick you out
Anna will not rest until she gets her gold
I really like how you draw the colored outlines when they go outside the panel omg
I found him!
Yeah sounds about right
It's a chronic condition.

Oh no.

...oh no.
I can read it fine. I think I prefer it bigger though.

What I normally do is I shrink the text slightly when there's a lot, but otherwise I leave it at the default, bigger size.

You do you though.

Cynthia no.

Cynthia why.
It was me, Dio!
Cynthia no, that's what pockets are for
The first step is running from the call.

It seems Cynthia isn't interested in that.
March 15th, 2019
For what it's worth, I'd do it again if I weren't busy working on a solo comic.
To be fair, if my invisible lover weren't invisible, I'd feel ripped off too.
It's fine, it happens.

And hey, at least we'll know what was going to happen. That's still something.

The OC comic is great so far btw.