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Hey there! I'm Syogren, formerly Muddykip64. I also go by Syo, but I'll respond to anything. Poopy Pants, Sonic Adventure 2 Dickriding Association CEO, Kirbyholic, Casual Scum...anything.

I have a webcomic on the way known as "Heart of Crystal", which is basically a reboot of "Starlo Adventures" and "Wrath of Piky" combined. Woo.

I'm also working on the Sonic 4Shades Advance Project, an unnamed color pallet project, and a confidential thing. Oooo, mysterious...

I'm into webcomics (duh), sprites, math, programming, animation, interface & color design, video games, anime, and much more. I'm mostly into Sonic, Kirby, and Neptunia, with a smidge of Pokemon for good measure. My favorite games of all time are Sonic Adventure 2 and Kirby: Triple Deluxe.

I'm always up for meeting new people on here, so no need to feel intimidated! I don't bite...much.

Discord: Syogren#9876
Skype: muddy.katon
Steam/Twitch/Reddit: Syogren
Imgur: syogren
Twitter: @Syogreninja
3DS: 1032-1642-1227
Wii U: [to fill out later]
PS3: ^
PS4: ^
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Be a rebel.

Tilt the rest of your body instead.
Don't worry Carbon...we know. We all know. Even me. Somehow. I think. Do I know? What is knowing, anyway? Is it something you eat?


It's something you eat, isn't it?
Mecha Sonic you poor have no idea who you're dealing with, do you?
Maybe I should notify people that I exist again...
No, I don't care if anyone comments on this shit or not.
Yes I know it's getting boring to read text. Gimme like, six decades to actually sprite characters.

Man I don't even know what Alicia should even look like. Probably a rabbit-like thing like Bluey, seeing as they're siblings. Yeah I'll do that.
Honestly given the chaos that is Niv's comics, it genuinely wouldn't surprise me if it WAS a hurricane.

Although tbh if it were a hurricane i'd expect it to be even MORE horizontal than it currently is.
October 3rd, 2017
Because Alicia cannot give Starky a break...
This one was actually made on May 25, 2017, but I guess I didn't remember that I had a comic that I could post this kinda shit to. So here you go. :)

Also, no, Alicia isn't Starky's mom.

Starky's mom is much worse.
Question: Would you guys be interested in seeing me ransack my older sandbox comments for more content while I'm still on hiatus?
Because plagiarizing my old work is fun.
This one is actually from one of my older comics, The Problem with Starlo. I think it still holds up pretty well, and a lot of newcomers probably haven't seen it yet, so I figured I might as well.

The original Author Comment:
"I intended for this to be funny. I'm starting to doubt it."

Plot twist, I still think it's funny.

Here's the original, if you care. There really isn't much else to see though.
Make sure to have a character whose name starts with "Ky" too, but they can only exist sometimes.
Doesn't it look sweet? It looks sweet to me.
I put a few references to previous strips on it. Perhaps as we move on, you'll be seeing more of them. Eventually the cover will look like a scrapbook montage.
I need to seriously make a cover page for this thing. BRB.
Starky never catches a break. Though with such a baitable personality, wouldn't anyone deserve it?

I actually had to Photoshop two images together to make this. So you can't actually have a screenshot like this on your real phone. Sucks to be yooooou!

Again, made with this thingy:
Starky is the easiest troll-bait of all time.
It's true. Prove me wrong. You can't.

Anyway I found a fake text generator, so I decided to have some fun with it.

You can find it here:

No I'm not stalling until I can make comics again, what are you talking about?
October 1st, 2017
I'm way over my head. Help.
Yes this conversation was faked. Shut up, it's funny.
Hey remember when I existed?
Don't worry I'll be dead again later.

So I got an iPad Air way back in the good ol' days of 2014, but I never really used it much. To the point where I forgot my password. And so for months I searched up ways to recover my password, and all of them required me to wipe my iPad to factory settings. But at this point I had SOME data on it, and I wanted it.

So I indignantly kicked the can down the road for future me to take care of.

So yesterday, my dad came over to my apartment to spend the night with me, and we had a good time. We watched the news together, had lunch and dinner together, he motivated me to complete a homework assignment due Monday. Good times.

He also brought my iPad because I requested it. And I had the same issue as before.

All of the options online for getting back in involved wiping it, just as before.

So my dad offered to look and see if he wrote down my password somewhere. Turns out he did.

It was PRCY. As in Percy. My main character.

So much for that.

Anyway I imported the photos off my iPad, and one of them was this old comic I drew back in...August 15th, 2015. Jesus, that was awhile ago.

I hope I don't have to explain the joke lol.
Looks good to me...I think?

Honestly, I wish I could offer advice, critique, all that. But man I cannot genesis style for the life of me.

Wish you the best of luck! Hope someone with more experience with the genesis style can help you out!